6 Contoh Iklan Lowongan Pekerjaan dalam Bahasa Inggris

6 Contoh Iklan Lowongan Pekerjaan dalam Bahasa Inggris – Apakah teman – teman pernah membaca iklan mengenai lowongan pekerjaan? Iklan lowongan pekerjaan di negara kita biasanya ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Bagaimana dengan iklan lowongan pekerjaan yang ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggris? Berikut adalah contoh iklan lowongan pekerjaan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh 1

Job vacancy


1. Supervisor, male / female, age max 30 yrs. Graduates from S1 all majors.
2. The driver, a man aged condition max 35 yrs, has A and B driving license.

Send resume to Tirtayasa street No. 112A, Bandung. Tel: (022) 234 9876

Contoh 2

Opened job: Economical Bank Teller, female / male, age max 25 yrs, min D3 all education majors. Has attractive appearance, diligent and industrious. Send the applications to Economical Bank Bandar Lampung Branch, Teuku Umar Street No. 123.

Contoh 3

Urgently needed: Teachers of English, male / female, max 25 years old, single status, would be placed in a remote school, 5 million salary including benefits, contract for 2 years. Applications can be sent to the Regional Education Provider Organization, Jati Asih Street No 1, Palembang.

Contoh 4


We are forwarding looking for:

1. Staff Operations.
Male, max.27 years old. 1 year work experience, honest, able to work under pressure, have a motorbike and driving license (A & C).

2. Marketing Executive.
Male / female, max 25 years old, min 1 year experience in marketing, fluent in spoken and written, able to work well in a team / group, honest and hardworking.

Please send CV with 3 x 4 latest photos by Feb.21, 2016:

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HRD Manager, office Tanjung Priok Permai
Jl. Rear M. Nasir 29, Block E-17. Surabaya.

Contoh 5


PT. Adaro Indonesia, Tbk is a company that works in Mining and Energy in Indonesia. To support its growth, the company is looking for high potential and individuals who are currently in need of employees. 2015’s PT. Adaro Indonesia, Tbk opens new business opportunities & invites employment professionals to join & occupying positions as following:

1. Head of production
2. Accounting
3. Administration
4. Manager
5. Assistant manager
6. The health team
7. Expert computer
8. Management
9. Secretary
10. HRD Staff
11. Security (security)
12. Laboratorium
13. Field staff
14. Customer service

Job responsibilities:

• Assigned to Support Internal Parts and Control Business / Purchasing Manager in Operations Everyday
• Including Viewing Procedures and Implementation
• Conducting Audit Adjustments
• Creating Reports To Turned Into Management Section
• Making Flowchart Appropriate
• Working To Achieve Target Annual Sales Volume And Target Gmvc,
• Managing Budget Provided
• Managing All Distributor And Responsibilities Under Important Account


• Man / Woman
• Age min. 21 years old
• High School Education & D3, S1 & S2 all majors
• Experience in the field
• Have good analytical skills
• Have good Computer skill
• Have the ability and can communicate well
• Thorough, disciplined and responsible and work with high motivation
• Able to work individually or in teams


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• Social Security
• Monthly Bonus
• Revenue 4,500,000 – 25,000,000 / Month
• Money Eating & Transport 75,000 / Day
• Employment in Indonesia / Under Domicile Branch Nearby
• Study Career ± 1-3 Months [Bm, SPV, Logistics, Finance]

Completeness of application files:

• Letter of application and Curriculum Vitae
• Copy of diploma and transcripts
• Copy of KTP
• Pasfhoto size 4 x 6 cm
• No Telephone / HP

Job Location:

Level of Education: Diploma
Position: Assistant Manager
Experience: 2-4 years
Salary: Specified
Employment Type: Part-Time
Category: Mining Engineering
Location: Bandar Lampung – Lampung

Immediately Send letter of application and your CV along with other important documents to our Email:

[email protected]

Contoh 6

Recent Employment Info For Vocational Education And S1 From LKP Airlangga

Airlangga LKP is an institution engaged in education that was established 20 years ago and already has 4 branches in the Metro area, and East Lampung. Airlangga CGC is currently being opened for Jobs in section:

1. Administration;
2. Finance;
3. Marketing Manager
4. Teachers of Mathematics
5. Teachers of Science

With special qualifications as follows:

1. Administration:
– Minimal vocational graduates from Department of Accounting / Administration
– Mastering administration and accounting
– Women

2. Finance:
– Minimal vocational graduates or S1 Accounting Department of Economics
– Mastering the field of accounting and other financial
– Women

3. Manager Marketing:
– Minimal graduates S1
– Have experience in marketing
– Man / Woman
– Have the ability in IT

4. Teachers of Mathematics:
– Minimum S1 graduate of Mathematics Education
– Man / Woman

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5. Teachers IPA:
– Minimum S1 graduate of Education Natural Sciences
– Man / Woman

General Qualifications:
1. Have a good attitude and able to work in a team
2. Have the integrity and accuracy of the task
3. Have the attitude that is innovative, creative, communicative, initiative and willing to learn
4. Have the nature of the diligent, tenacious, and appreciate the process.
5. Computer literate (Microsoft word, excel and power point)

Requirements application documents:
1. Cover letter (written)
2. CV including work experience
3. 4×6 photos 1 sheet
4. Copy of ID 1 sheet
5. Copy of last diploma
6. Copy of transcripts
7. Copy SKCK legalized (soon)
8. Copy of Health Certificate legalized (soon)
9. Copy of certificate, certificates and other supporting documents.

Please send the documents via post 34 111 or via email: [email protected] or deliver directly to the address of our office Jl AR Prawiranegara No. 32 City Metro. Send letter of application stating the intended part upper right corner and the active phone number below the sender’s name on the envelope. Delivery letter of application starts on January 2 s.d January 9, 2016.

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