12 Contoh Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SMA dan Jawabannya

12 Contoh Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SMA dan Jawabannya – UN atau Ujian Nasional memang sudah menjadi hal yang ditakuti oleh para siswa tingkat akhir. Ujian Nasional ini terdiri dari beberapa mata pelajaran, salah satunya adalah Bahasa Inggris. Sebenarnya, Ujian Nasional tidak akan begitu menakutkan jika kita telah siap. Memperbanyak latihan adalah salah satu cara ntuk mempersiapkan diri. Berikut adalah latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SMA.

The following text is for number 1 – 3


AutoEnergy, Inc. is pleased to announced that our company has been awarded U.S. patent 7,793,628 entitled “Scalable and Smart Power Inverters”. AutoEnergy has implemented technology in its award-winning AutoInverter off- grid solar power systems. For more information, please visit our website or contact us.

1. What is the objective of the text?
a. To describe the implementation of the technology
b. To inform the U.S. patent 7,793,628
c. To announce “Scalable and Smart Inverters”
d. To advertise U.S. patent

2. Why has the company been awarded?
a. It successfully modified the energy systems
b. It successfully implemented the new technology
c. It successfully modified the energy systems
d. It successfully improved the technology of power inverters

3. AutoInverter is the equipment for …
a. Alternative energy
b. Power supply
c. Energy consumption
d. Power diffusion

The following text is for number 4 – 6

Please do the following steps:

• Plug the electronic cord of the microwave into the socket;
• After that, put the food into the microwave;
• Don’t forget to press “start” button to heat the food;
• Wait for the beep sounds, it indicates that the heating process is done;
• Finally, take out the food and enjoy it;
• Don’t forget to wash hand after cleaning the microwave.

4. What is the text about?
a. The steps to operate a microwave
b. The steps to use a microwave
c. The steps to cook in a microwave
d. The steps to heat food in a microwave

5. What does the beep signal you?
a. It alerts you that the food is on progress
b. It alerts you that the food is ready
c. It alerts you that the heating process is complete
d. It alerts you that the heating is on progress

6. What will you do after putting the food into the microwave?
a. Wait for the beep sounds
b. Press the timer button
c. Connect the electric cord into the socket
d. Press the power button [sc:ads]

The following text is for number 7 – 8

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about an article in last Friday newspaper, “Schools fail lower-income children”. As the head teacher of one of the largest senior high school in the city, I felt strongly that the article does not describe our school.

My school has children from many different economic background, but a large percentage comes from lower-income families. Nevertheless, our test show that the children do well and benefit from the excellent works our teachers do. Last year, our school moved from 19th to 15th place according to the official assessment by the state government. This is clearly not the “failure” that the article suggested.

I would strongly recommend that more careful research should be conducted in the future so that your newspaper will more realistically describe the true situation in our school.


Kartini Adinda

7. The letter shows that Mrs. Adinda’s disagreement with the newspaper claims that …
a. The poor students in her school fail in the national examination
b. Children from lower-income families do not perform well in the official assessment
c. Many of her students fail because of their parents’ low-income
d. Her school only admit students from economically advantaged families

8. What is expected by Kartini Adinda from Friday’s newspaper?
a. To be responsible for the report
b. To fix the information given
c. To present information based on fact
d. To conduct more researches

9. Andi : Indah, do you think Lisa will help us solve this Math assignment?
Indah : I am sure, she will. …
a. She may ask you about it
b. We would go somewhere
c. You should help her
d. She is good at Math

10. Bima : I would like to book a room, please.
Staff : Ceryainly. …
a. Would it be OK to have a suit?
b. When would you like to stay?
c. When will you be available?
d. Would you like a single or a double bed?

11. Jessica : I feel so exhausted today, but the report is due at four.
John : …
Jessica : Thank you. That is very kind of you.
a. I had better give you a hand, then.
b. You can take a rest later.
c. I have to concentrate on my job, first.
d. You have to finish the report now.

12. Shella : What do you usually do in your spare time, Vino?
Vino : I always try new recipe from the newest cooking book. …
a. I enjoy collecting Italian utensils.
b. I care about Italian pasta.
c. I love eating many kinds of food.
d. I like preparing the table.

Demikianlah latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SMA. Semoga bermanfaat dan membantu teman – teman semua dalam mempersiapkan diri untuk menghadapi UN. Semoga berhasil!

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