4 Iklan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Sabun Terbaru

4 Iklan Bahasa Inggris Tentang Sabun Terbaru – Apakah kalian masih ingat apa yang dimaksud dengan Advertisement Text? Yup, Advertisement Text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris yang dalam bahasa Indonesia kita sebut sebagai ‘iklan’. Apakah kalian telah melihat beberapa contoh iklan dalam bahasa Inggris? Berikut merupakan beberapa contoh iklan bahasa Inggris tentang sabun.

Contoh 1

Bright Lemon

Clean the dishes for your healthy family

You have a problem with dirty and greasy dishwater?

You have already cleaned it but it is still dirty?

Get rid of your old soap and replace it with a new “BrightLemon”

BrightLemon is specially formulated to remove remnants of a stubborn food stains on the plate quickly and fragrant!

The soap is also enriched with lemon estract which can promote fat on a plate and eliminate the fishy smell. The latest formula provides natural softener that will make your skin remain smooth.

BrightLemon is very safe to use because it does not make your hands become rough.

BrightLemon has very economical price with the best quality that can help you save money.

Price: US $ 4

BrightLemon is available in 3 different flavors which will make your day-to-day washing be more fun!

Switch to BrightLemon now !!

BrightLemon is now available in the form of economical 1 liter refill plastic packaging.

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Produced by:

PT. Brightening Soap. tbk
Palembang – Indonesia
Customer service:

Contoh 2

Healthy Life Care Soap

The Friendly Soap for Your Family

Your family’s health is threatened?

Do not worry! Healthy Life Care Soap is able to handle this!

Healthy Life Care Soap has been believed to be a friend of the family since 1975 by all the families in the world that will faithfully maintain the health of your family.

Healthy Life Care Soap kills all bacteria that lurks your family health. This soap can also provide extra protection and durability of germs. It is used to remove the dirts and can reach up into sections pores of the skin on which it deeply cleanses and removes germs that can cause 10 types of skin infections. This soap will leave your skin clean and fresh.

Healthy Life Care Soap has comprising composition as follows:

Water, sodium, titanium dioxide, fragrance, glycerin, tetra sodium EDTA, triclocarban, trichlorohydroxy diphenyl ether, etidronic acid, cl 11680, cl 12150.

Change your old soap with Healthy Life Care Soap immediately! If you love your family, use Healthy Life Care Soap that will always be ready to help maintaining the health of your family.

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Healthy Life Care Soap is now available in an economical package with extra content of 30%.

It is available in all shops in your city.

The pice is affordable.

Produced and distributed by:
PT. Caring Production tbk.
Kedamaian Street, No. 57, Semarang
Central Java – Indonesia

Customer Service:
SMS center : 082176834684

Contoh 3

Gentle Care Body Wash

Your baby’s friendly body wash

Mothers, do not miscast soap for your babies because it will be a danger for them.

Use Gentle Care Body Wash!

This soap is made especially for babies that will not cause irritation to the skin of the baby because it is made from ingredients which have been clinically proven safe for mothers and babies.

The soap is enriched with milk protein formula that will keep your baby’s skin softness and smoothness. With vitamin A & E, your baby’s skin will look clean and healthy after bathing.

Please discover and feel the benefits of Gentle Care Body Wash for your baby. Baby’s care is as soft as mother’s arms.

Available in packs of 250ml for each package.

Only US $ 3.5,

Produced and distributed by:
PT. Caring for Living tbk.
Imam Bonjol Street, No. 73, Bandung
West Java – Indonesia

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Customer service:
Call center : 0756 697172
SMS center : 085725728278

Contoh 4

‘Kinclong’ Soap

Having troubles with oily and dirty dishwater?

Have you already clear it but the dirt is still on the plate?

Now it is time for you to not to worry anymore.

Try ‘Kinclong’ Soap!

The ‘Kinclong’ Soap is formulated for cleansing former food on the plate. The rest of the fat is stubborn with fragrant, shine and fast formula!

‘Kinclong’ also does not make your hands become rough!

It is already proven!

This soap comes with economical prices with the best quality that can help you minimize expenses for dishwashing soap so you can save your money even more.

‘Kinclong’ Soap is available in 2 different flavors which will certainly make your dishes clean in a very short time!

So what are you waiting for? Switch to ‘Kinclong’ Soap now!

Plastic Packaging of 500ml Refill is available now!

Price: US $ 2.8

Demikianlah beberapa contoh iklan bahasa Inggris mengenai sabun. Semoga beberapa contoh iklan tersebut dapat bermanfaat bagi teman – teman semua. Terima kasih.

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