5 Contoh Berita Singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

5 Contoh Berita Singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris – Berita dalam Bahasa Inggris disebut sebagai ‘news’. Berita merupakan sarana menyampaikan sesuatu yang penting mengenai suatu fenomena kepada masyarakat. Teks berita dalam Bahasa Inggris disebut dengan ‘News Item’. News Item teks ditulis dengan menggunakan bahasa yang sederhana dan singkat agar mudah dipahami oleh khalayak ramai. Berikut adalah contoh berita singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh 1

Horror, Fatal Accidents in this Game Rides Made Panic

Jakarta – Playground that should be fun even became an unexpected disaster, the visitors who initially wanted to have fun and enjoy this spinning rides should experience unpleasant events. The fireball rides in the Ohio State Fair event of the United States suffered a fatal incident.

As quoted by the BBC, Governor of Ohio, John Kasich informed of terrible events, he ordered all rides in the Ohio State Fair temporarily shut down until there is a safety check. Kasich confirmed will conduct an in-depth investigation related to this incident.

This fireball rode move from the right to the left and was occasionally rotated while swinging at high speed. The Ohio State Fair party had confirmed an accident, but there was no detailed explanation.

For those of you who want to ride a vehicle make sure in advance whether the rides are safe or not to avoid such incidents.

(Source: www.liputan6.com)

Contoh 2

Pelangi Village, from Dirty Village to be a Healthy Village

Many ways are done to commemorate the Independence Day of Indonesia, one of them is to turn the village into beautiful with colorful paint. As did Sukakerta Village residents in Cianjur, West Java.

They became pilot villages from the former slums to healthy villages. Unlike other villages that celebrate the race on Indonesian Independence Day, villagers preferred to work together to transform their village into a rainbow village or a healthy village.

This idea was originally conceived by a physician alongside the ranks of the village apparatus. Rainbow Village would be a pilot area that had been slum become healthier. Later this village facilitated health services and free ambulance for 24 hours. Now 90 houses have been changed to be more beautiful and ready to welcome the 72nd anniversary of RI. Hoping this village can also attract tourists to come and become a tourist village.

(Source: Kompas TV)

Contoh 3

Menpora Imam Nahrawi Predicts Indonesian National Team U-22 Wins against Philippines

JAKARTA – Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi predicts Indonesia U-22 national team will achieve positive results in the advanced SEA Games 2017. [sc:ads]

Luis Milla’s squad will meet Philippines in Group B second match held at Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Thursday (17/08/2017) at 19:45 pm. “The prediction is the winning of Indonesian national team. The more goals, the better for the national team,” said Menpora after leading the ceremony in the office environment Kemenpora, Senayan, Jakarta.

Indonesian National Team match U-22 coincides with the 72nd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. “We are grateful also the game against the Philippines was exactly on the 17th of the 8th at 19:45 pm Hopefully this will be a good sign for our national team victory,” he said.

(Source: www.tribunnews.com)

Contoh 4

Concerning the Procurement of Turkish Generation Shipbuilders, the Parliament is asked not to do the broadcasting

JAKARTA – The procurement of a power plant on board or Marine Vessel Power Plant (MVPP) is conducted by PT PLN (Persero) whereas currently it is being publicly highlighted.

The House of Representatives was impressed to allow it to permeate the legal domain. The impression was very obvious, said Junisab Akbar, Founding Chairman of Indonesian Audit Watch (IAW) in Jakarta Wednesday (16/08/2017).

As a result of the omission then now the issue of the ship becomes increasingly tangled. So it is better the leadership of the House of Representatives or at least the leadership commission 6 and 7 House of Representatives to review his attitude considering the tenant company is problematic in some countries.

In addition, the House of Representatives can find out in detail the quality of the performance of the Board of Directors of PT PLN (Persero) which is currently strongly suspected to experience a decrease in performance but increased in the use of company operations and the existence of legal reports against the Board of Directors related to public criticism of the increase in TDL.

“We recommend that the House of Representatives ask BPK RI to conduct a performance audit before requesting a specific purpose inspection (PDTT) on the rental of the vessel,” concluded the former member of Commission III of the House of Representatives.

(Source: www.tribunnews.com)

Contoh 5

Scavengers Establish Two Free Schools

The spirit of independence is not only echoed every August 17th. Like a scavenger in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, who cares about education, especially for underprivileged children.

From 2008 until now, he managed to establish two schools whose funds are obtained from scavenging. This school is free of charge (free). Collecting the used goods in one of the shopping centers in Kupang is the daily work of Yoseph Orem Blikololong.

Earned income is uncertain, but he is grateful to still be able to meet all his needs. He not only enjoys his own sustenance but also shares it with others. Since 2008, Yoseph opened a learning place for early childhood at his home which he named Love Concern. Dozens of children are taught to learn to write and read.

(Source: Kompas TV)

Demikianlah contoh berita singkat dalam Bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya. Semoga contoh tersebut dapat membantu kalian memahami lebih dalam mengenai News Item Text. Terima kasih.

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