5 Contoh Memo Bahasa Inggris untuk Teman

5 Contoh Memo Bahasa Inggris untuk Teman – Bagaimana contoh-contoh memo bahasa Inggris untuk teman? Berikut daftarnya.

Contoh 1

Dear, Prilly.

Today, your mother called me. She said that she couldn’t contact you. She would inform that she would visit you in the following week. Then, I tried to contact you but I couldn’t get you, too? Where are you, Prilly. Your mother is worried and seems sad. I visit your dormitory but your friend said you went somewhere since three days ago. What happens with you? Call me soon.

Your bestfriend,

Siti Bianca.

Contoh 2

To my friend, Reisa Kartika.

If feels like yesterday we just graduated from senior high school. I still remember and miss our moments at school. Even, we loved the same person. Time flies, we change. We were separated because we went to the different universities. But, our frienship never changes. Next month, there will be a special day for me because I have found my guardian angel to spend with for the rest of my life. Reisa, I send you this gown and through it, I also want to ask you if you don’t mind to be my bridemaid. Thank you for always being my bestfriend.

Warm regard,

Tiara Jamila


Contoh 3

Hello, Nena.

Happy birthday! Wish you have everything best in your life. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t come to your birthday party. Does your birthday gift arrive safely on your hand? I asked Jono to give it to you. This gift is the representative of myself. I thought that teddy bear is always your favorite stuff. That’s why I choose it as the gift. I hope you love it. I am still in New York for working. We may meet next month in Mila’s wedding. I am super excited to see you soon. I have many stories that I can’t resist to tell. I miss you.

Sincerely yours,

Ben Hwatkins.

Contoh 4

To : Keenan
From : Raisa

Hey, Kee. I have waited for you since nine a.m. and now it is already three p.m. I am not angry. I am disappointed. Why don’t you tell me that you cancelled our meeting? You left it without any note or news. Can you imagine it? Instead, I knew it from my friend that you will not come today because you have holiday with your girlfriend in Bali. I already prepared the materials to present but you make it all messy. It is important for our business. I was so embarrassed and tried to make an artificial reason to our client so that they will not underestimate our work. Call me soon when you arrive home. I am looking forward to your explanation. It is a must!

Hope you have a GREAT holiday!


Contoh 5

Dear Dori,

It’s me, Diana. Dori, I need your help to finish my project with my community. I get stuck and feel like I don’t have any briliant idea. I believe that you are so genius in this field. Let me know if you have time to discuss it with me. I really appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Dori. Have a great day!

Best regards,

Riyan Irwansyah

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