8 Contoh Iklan Sepatu dalam Bahasa Inggris

8 Contoh Iklan Sepatu dalam Bahasa Inggris – Iklan merupakan sarana penyampaian informasi kepada khalayak ramai mengenai suatu produk atau jasa untuk menarik perhatian masyarakat agar membeli atau menggunakan jasa yang ditawarkan. Agar suatu produk dibeli atau suatu jasa digunakan oleh masyarakat, maka penyampaian iklan haruslah menarik. Beberapa iklan juga ditulis dalam Bahasa Inggris agar terlihat menarik. Berikut adalah contoh iklan sepatu dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Contoh 1


Be the leading man anywhere you go in this magnificently sleek and modern shoe.
Slimined …
With slanted side walls …
Tapered toe.


FREEMAN Shoes are $10.95 to $25.95.
Higher Rockies West.
Write for your Freeman dealer’s name.
Freeman Shoe Corporation, Wisconsin.
America’s Largest Exclusive Makers of Men’s Fine Shoes.

Contoh 2

You know he knows clothes..

His taste is sure and knowing. He insists upon materials of handsome quality – impeccably cut …
Faultlessly fitted …
Wonderfully comfortable.
Of course, his shoe is CONNOLLY.

Write now for name of retailer nearest you.
Stillwater 50, Minnesota

Contoh 3

‘Young Moderns’

A new accent on youth …
In every fashion story, little fat-heeled pumps are top news …
Dolcis presents a whole new range of low-heeled shoes with a dressed-up look for the smart and young in heart.

There are ‘Young Moderns’ in lovely, up – to – the – minute shades
From $36 to $57.

At Dolcis Shoe Stores, or by post from Mail Order Department.
Dolcis House, Great Dover Street, London.

Contoh 4

Barratts Patent
Direct from the Factory for One Guinea

For One Guinea, any lady, anywhere, may be equipped with footwear equal to that worn by those who pay needlessly extravagant prices to high – class middlemen. Order direct by post from Barratts at First Cost.

Patent You will be Proud to Wear

The style is dainty attractive, and very suitable for holiday wear, slim-fronted, closely fitting at ankles, and the heel-back grips cosily without slipping.

Smart heel and roomy, blocked toe. Soles are stitched on hand-sewn principle, giving flexibility to the solid English leather, and inside smoothness to the solid leather insoles.
No shoe is so dainty and useful, equally correct wear for the street or any indoor function.

Only by selling direct at the factory price, saving the middlemen’s profits and by well-organised craftsmanship, can such quality be given at this bargain price.

135 “Footshape” Boot Works, Northampton.

Contoh 5


Intoducing a breakthough in comfort.
Tiger’s new Alliance.

Thanks to a two – layer ripple midsole, it absobs shock in a uniquely effective way. The trouble with conventional shoes is that they allow shock to pass straight through the midsole and into your body.

But with the Alliance, shock waves hit the ripple and then deflect at an angle. Away from your joints. What’s more, as the ripple compresses, it generates a spring-like counterforce that provides even greater protection.

Combine these features with a DUO-STAY heel counter for rearfoot stability, and you have got one marvelous training shoe. For less shock and more comfort, try the Alliance or the Lady Alliance. They are the new wave in running shoes.


ASICS TIGER CORP. 3030 S. Susan Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704 [sc:ads]

Contoh 6

Manufacturing Inc.

Q-Mark offers more SMM styli than anyone else. Our catalogs have hundreds of different designs. Get exactly what you need, the next day.
They are made in USA and unconditionally guaranteed.

Think ut can’t be done? Contact Q-Mark today.

1 – 800 – 776 – 2388 www.cmms.com

Contoh 7

Work Out In ASICS’ GEL Cross Trainers And You’ll Never Gasp For Air.

The reason why is right under your toes. Actually it’s closer to your midfoot, where cross training impact is highest.

It’s ASICS’ GEL. A remarkable silicon-based semi-fluid substance with great shock absoption characteristics. Very important if you are constantly working out, working out, and working out.

You see, by dispersing vertical impact into a horizontal plane, the ASICS’ GT – Intensity cross trainer can reduce the risk of injury, thus increasing your athletic performance.

The ASICS’ GEL cross trainers are now available for men and women. In exciting styles and colors that (gasp) might just leave your breathless.

Don’t Just Do It. Do It Better.

For the ASICS dealer nearest you, call 1 – 800 – 866 – ASICS.

Contoh 8

Comfort, Fit, Quality

Ideal for wide or swollen feet
House Shoes
Designed to be more supportive than slippers.

• Walking / Comfort
• Dress Orthotic Shoes
• Small to Extra Large Sizes
• New Balance
• Kumfs
• Dunham
• Drew
• Brooks
• Ecco
• Winter Boots

3080 Yonge St. (Toronto) 416 – 483 – 3953
1894 Lawrence Ave E. (Scarborough) 416 – 757 – 5062

Demikianlah contoh iklan sepatu dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga dapat dipahami dengan baik dan dapat bermanfaat bagi teman – teman semua. Terima kasih.

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