Cerita Rakyat Danau Toba dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Rakyat Danau Toba dalam Bahasa Inggris – Cerita Danau Toba merupakan sebuah legenda yang terus menerus diceritakan. Nah, berikut ini akan saya sampaikan kisahnya menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Toba Lake

In Sumatra island, a farmer lived alone. His name was Toba. Everyday, he worked diligently in the field. He also went to the lake to fish. He did those things to afford his life. One day, he went to the river near his house. He fished for his lunch. He brought all tools to fish. While he was fishing, he was praying that he could get many fish that day. Several minutes went by, he got a big and beautiful fish. He was shocked that the fish could talk.

“Please, don’t eat me. Let me be alive.” The fish shouted.

Without saying any word and question, the farmer let the fish go in the water. But, he became more shocked when the fish turned into a beautiful lady.

“Don’t be scared Mr. Farmer. I won’t hurt you.” The fish said.

“Who are you? You are a fish, aren’t you” The farmer asked.

“I am a princess who was cursed because I break the kingdom’s regulation. Thank you for making me free from the curse. As the return of your kindness, I am ready to be your wife.” The fish explained.


The farmer agreed with the fish. Then, they got married. However, there was a deal that they had to obey. They were not allowed to tell about the history of the fish to anyone. If they broke the deal, a disaster would come.

After some months they got married, they were very happy because they were given a baby boy. They named him, Samosir. The baby grew into a strong and handsome kid. But, he has an odd habit that made many people wonder. He always felt hungry. All foods for a day were eaten by him. One day, he had a duty to send the foods and drink to his father in the field. Unfortunately, he didn’t do the duty. Instead, he ate all the foods and drink. He couldn’t resist his hunger. After that, he directly went home.

On the way to home, Mr. Farmer saw his son who was sleeping in the hut. He woke him up and shouted, “Where’s my food? You are assigned to send the food to me, aren’t you?”

“I already ate them all.” His son answered.

Mr. Farmer became angry, “You are so naughty, the son of fish.”

Samosir was sad and he went home. He told everything that he heard from his father. His mother was disappointed because Toba broke the deal. She was also sad and cried. Toba wasn’t mindful that he just mentioned something forbidden by his wife. Samosir and his mother were holding hands. Suddenly, they disappeared. Water came out from the land on Samosir’s foot steps, The water over flew and formed a lake. It was well-known as Toba Lake. Mr. Farmer, Toba, was sunk in the lake. This story became familiar among people in Indonesia. Toba lake is considered as the largest lake in Indonesia. There is an island in the middle of the lake, named Samosir Island.