Cerita Rakyat Keong Mas dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Rakyat Keong Mas dalam Bahasa Inggris – Keong mas adalah salah satu cerita rakyat yang begitu melegenda. Berikut kisahnya saya ceritakan kembali dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Once upon a time, there was a king named Kertamarta from East Java. He was the king of Panutan Kingdom. The king had two daughters, named Dewi Galuh dan Candra Kirana. They were beautiful and kind. Candra Kirana, the younger one, was engaged to the crown prince of Kahuripan Kingdom, Raden Inu Kertapati. Unfortunately, Dewi Galuh was envious of her little sister’s happiness, Candra Kirana, because Dewi Galuh liked Raden Inu. Day by day, Dewi Galuh’s enviousness turned into hatred. Then, Dewi Galuh planned something to make Candra Kirana go away from the palace. Secretly, Dewi Galuh asked help to a witch who was well-known with her terrifying spell. She asked the witch to put a spell on Candra Kirana. She would make her ugly.
“Okay. I’ll do. Please make her go out of the palace in order to meet me directly. At that time, I’ll put a spell on her and her beauty will turn into very dreadful creature.” The witch said.

After that, Dewi Galuh did what the witch asked. She smeared Candra Kirana and the king became angry. Candra Kirana was expelled by the king. She left the palace with a broken heart. She walked aimlessly and finally she arrived on the beach. The witch followed her secretly. The witch met her and said, “Abrakadabra Candra Kirana lalalala pararara. Under my spell, be an ugly snail.”

Then, Candra Kirana became a snail. However, the witch’s spell didn’t totally work. She didn’t turn into an ugly snail. Her beauty didn’t fade away. She turned into a gold snail which would take people’s attention whenever they saw it. The witch was panic and then she threw the gold snail into the sea. She hoped that it would never appear on the beach anymore and made people take it. The witch was so confident that it would disappeared forever and she said, “My spell will be broken if Candra Kirana, or that snail, was found by her fiancé. Hahaha. Good bye, ugly snail.”


One day, a granny was fishing on the sea by using a net. The gold snail or Keong Mas was trapped on it. The granny took Keong Mas to her hut. Initially, she would cook Keong Mas. But, she called it off. She thought that the snail was very beautiful. Then, she put Keong Mas into a bowl which was full of water in order the snail could be alive.

The next day, the granny went to sea again to fish, but she didn’t get anything. When she arrived at home, she was surprised that her hut was already neat and there were some delicious foods to eat. She wondered who did those things for her because she lived alone. It happened again in the following days. Then, another day, she pretended going to fish. But actually, she peek what happened in her hut when she was away. She saw that Keong Mas turned into a beautiful lady. Then, she came in and asked Keong Mas, “Who are you, the beautiful lady?”

“I am a princess from Panutan Kingdom. I am under a witch’s spell. The witch was assigned by my older sister because she was envious of me.” Keong Mas explained.

Suddenly, she turned again into a gold snail. The granny was shocked seeing it. Meanwhile, Prince Inu Kertapati was looking for Candra Kirana. He couldn’t stay calm knowing that his fiancée disappeared. He decided to travel incognito as an ordinary folk. The witch knew it and she turned into a crow to stop Prince Inu’s step to find Candra Kirana. The crow told Inu Kertapati about the direction but it was actually the wrong path. In his way, Prince Inu and the crow met an old man. He gave him foods and that old man saved him from the wrong direction given by the crow. The old man hit the crow and it turned into smoke. He told Prince Inu the right direction. After walking for some days, he was thirsty and asking water to an old woman who lived in a hut. Coincidentally, he saw his fiancée who was cooking in that hut. He asked permission to the old man to meet her. Finally, the witch’s spell on Candra Kirana was broken. Prince Inu brought Candra Kirana and the granny to the palace and told what happened to his fiancée. The king apologized her daughter. Then, he said that he would punish Dewi Galuh. But, Dewi Galuh was afraid of being punished. She ran away to the forest and she fell down from a cliff. Finally, Price Inu and Candra Kirana got married. They lived happily ever after.