Cerita Rakyat Roro Jonggrang dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Rakyat Roro Jonggrang dalam Bahasa Inggris – Di bawah ini terdapat sebuah cerita yang tidak asing lagi, yaitu Roro Jonggrang, namun ditulis kembali menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Long time ago, there was a big kingdom named Prambanan. The folks of Prambanan were peaceful and wealthy, under the leadership of King Prabu Baka. The other small kingdoms which were around Prambanan obeyed and graced Prabu Baka. Meanwhile, in the other place, there was a kingdom which wanted to beat Prambanan Kingdom. It was Pengging Kingdom.

Pengging Kingdom was well-known as an arrogant and greedy kingdom. It always expanded its area. Pengging Kingdom had a holy knight named Bondowoso. It has a magic gun named Bandung. Therefore, he was popular as Bandung Bondowoso. Besides, he also had jinn as his troops. They helped Bandung Bondowoso to attack Prambanan and fulfil all of his wishes.

One day, King Pengging who was arrogant, called Bandung Bondowoso. Then, King Pengging told Bandung Bondowoso to attack Prambanan Kingdom. The next day, Bandung Bondowoso asked his jinn troops to gather and go to Prambanan Kingdom. As they arrived there, they immediately attacked and went into the palace of Prambanan Kingdom. Bandung Bondowoso was successful to kill Prabu Baka. His victory was welcomed by King Pengging. He was very happy. He told Bandung Bondowoso to handle Prambanan palace and the family of Prabu Baka.

When Bandung Bondowoso lived in the Palace of Prambanan Kingdom, he saw a beautiful lady. She was Roro Jonggrang, the daughter of Prabu Baka. Bandung Bondowoso fell in love at the first sight with Roro Jonggrang. He didn’t think twice to immediately propose her to be his wife.

“The majesty, Princess Roro Jonggrang, will you be my queen?” he asked to Roro Jonggrang.

Hearing Bandung Bondowoso’s question, Roro Jonggrang was in silence and felt confused. Actually, she really hated him because he was the one who killed her father. On the other hand, she was scared to refuse his proposal. Roro Jonggrang asked for time to think. Then, she found a way in order to make Bandung Bondowoso give up with his marriage proposal.


“Well, I will accept your proposal if you can fulfil my wish.” She said.

“What is that, Roro Jonggrang?” Bandung Bondowoso asked.

“Please make a thousand of temples and two wells for me in one night.” She answered.

Hearing that requisition, Bandung Bondowoso agreed. He thought that was easy to realize for him because he had many jinn troops.

At night, Bandung Bondowoso asked his troops to gather. In a wink, they came. They did what he instructed to them fast. Roro Jonggrang who saw them, began to feel anxious and afraid because they almost finished it. Roro Jonggrang thought hard to

find a way to make Bandung Bondowoso failed.

Roro Jonggrang called all of her ladies-in-waiting in the palace. They were assigned to burn the straws, rang the mortar and spread flowers which had very fragrant smell.

Then, the sky were red, the fragrance of the flower was smelled, the roosters made cock-a-doddle-doo sound. Bandung Bondowoso immediately left their works when they heard that sound. They thought that morning had come. They had not finished their work yet. Bandung Bondowoso was very angry and irritated. Finally, he did the rest of the work alone. But, he couldn’t do that. He was failed.

Roro Jonggrang came to him and said, “You are failed, Bandung Bondowoso.”

“You fooled me, Roro Jonggrang. You are the one who make me failed. I curse you to be the statute in the last temple.” He said angrily.

By his magic power, Bandung Bondowoso turned Roro Jonggrang into a statue. Until now, the statue of Roro Jonggrang can be seen in the area of Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta province, Indonesia.