Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 1

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 SD Semester 1 – Silakan kerjakan soal-soal latihan Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 5 SD berikut ini.

I. Choose The Correct Answer by Crossing (X) a, b, c, or d.

1. Kubis, kentang, wortel. In English is . .

a. cabbage, potato, carrot c. cabbage, spinach, carrot
b. carrot, chili, potato d. cabbage, tomato, carrot.

2. Tomat, bayam, brokoli. In English is . . .

a. potato, spinach, broccoli c. potato, spinach, cabbage
b. tomato, spinach, broccoli d. spinach, broccoli, cabbage

3. I buy a new cap. The color of . . . cap is blue.

a. I c. My
b. Me d. It

4. Jeny want a new jacket. . . . old jacket is lost.

a. Her c. Its
b. my d. me

5. They are good students. . . . . teacher is a good teacher.

a. they c. them
b. their d. we

6. Sella : father, could you help me please?
Father : . . . . .?
Sella : Help me to do my homework.
The correct expression is . . .

a. What happen Sella? c. What you can do?
b. May I borrow your pen? d. What I can do for you?

7. Anna : May I borrow your pen Dina?
Dina : . . . . . I just have a pen.

a. Yes, of course c. No, I do not
b. No problem d. I’m sorry.

8. Oscar and Fiki bring rackets and shuttlecock. They want to play . .

a. tennis table c. marble
b. badminton d. football

9. Chris John is an althlete of . .

a. badminton c. boxing
b. soccer d. volleyball

10. Lionel Messi is an anthlete of . . .

a. badminton c. boxing
b. soccer d. volleyball

11. Olahraga yang membutuhkan busur . . .

a. archery c. hockey
b. fencing d. golf

My name is Nadya. I am a student in SDN 1 Mulyaguna. I always get up at 05.30 in the morning. Then I help my mother to clean my bed room. I go to take a bath at 06.00 and having breakfast at 06.30. I usually go to school at 07.00 with my friends, Alika and Yuni.

12. What does Nadya do every day at 05.30?

a. take a bath c. go to school
b. breakfast d. wake up

13. What time does Nadya having breakfast?

a. 06.00 c. 07.00
b. 05.30 d. 06.30


14. With whom Nadya always go to school?

a. her father c. her friends
b. her mother d. her sister

15. What Nadya do after she wake up?

a. take a bath c. breakfast
b. help her mother d. go to school

16. Dua puluh tiga. In English is . . .

a. twenty three c. twenty four
b. thirty two d. twenty five

17. Ginta goes to school by . . . everyday. (sepeda)

a. car c. bicycle
b. motorcycle d. plane

18. Dodi goes to Surabaya by . . . (kereta api)

a. plane c. bike
b. car d. train

19. A . . . . is flying in the sky.

a. train c. plane
b. car d. motorcycle

20. Ibu menyuruh Doni mengerjakan PR. Perintah ibu adalah . . .

a. Doni, go to bed c. Doni, go home
b. Doni, do your homework d. Doni, don’t go

21. 09.00 am. In English is . . . .

a. nine o’clock c. six o’clock
b. nine hour d. six hour

22. Ayah menyuruh Andi pergi mandi. Perintah ayah adalah . . .

a. Andi, go home now c. Andi, get up now
b. Andi, take a bath d Andi, do not play

23. Today is Sunday. Four days later is. . .

a. Monday c. Wednesday
b. Tuesday d. Thursday

24. This month is February. Next month is . .

a. December c. March
b. January d. April

25. This month is September. Last month is . . .

a. October c. August
b. December d. April

II. Translate into English!

26. Ada sebuah buku di atas meja.
27. Buku ini milik Anita.
28. Sella selalu pergi ke sekolah naik sepeda.
29. Apa yang bisa saya bantu.
30. Ibu memberi saya lima pena.
31. Saya selalu berenang setiap hari minggu.
32. Itu bukan sebuah pensil.
33. Bolehkah saya meminjam buku mu?
34. Kakak laki-laki saya bermain voli setiap sore.
35. Ibu pergi ke pasar naik motor.

III. Fill in the Blanks with the Correct Answer!

36. Mother buys a . . . . (semangka)
37. Jini has a new book. . . . . book color is black.
38. My hobby is . . . (memancing)
39. Selina . . . . wakes up at 05.30 in the morning. (selalu)
40. Her hobby is . . . because she like swim.