Soal Latihan tentang Penggunaan Past, Future Obligation and Necessity

Penggunaan beberapa kata untuk menunjukkan obligation and necessity dalam bahasa Inggris dapat disesuaikan dengan waktu kapan kata tersebut digunakan. Jika sebelumnya sudah dibahas tentang penggunaan obligation and necessity dalam waktu past and future, berikut ini adalah soal latihan tentang penggunaan past and future obligation and necessity beserta kunci jawabannya.




Decide if the obligation comes from rules (R) or circumstances (C).



We were lucky, actually. We bought our tickets the day before the price rise so we didn’t have to pay as much as you. > C


  1. We locked ourselves out last night and had to break a window to get in. > ___
  2. Cars didn’t have to have seat belts when I first bought one. > ___
  3. We have got to wear a black skirt and white blouse for graduation. > ___
  4. When I was at school we had to have lunch there, but nowadays children can have packed lunches. > ___
  5. It rained so hard while I was out yesterdat that I had to buy an umbrella. > ___
  6. I had to wait for ages at the dentist yesterday. It was really busy. > ___
  7. Even if I’d had insurance I would have had to pay for the first $100 of damage, so it didn’t make any difference in this case. > ___
  8. It is no good. We will have tp get a new car. This one is on its last legs. > ___
  9. They have got to London to catch a direct Edinburgh train. > ___



  • Need to

Decide whether the action happened (H), didn’t happen (DH), or we don’t know (DK).



We didn’t need to see Terry, so we left before he got there. > DH


  1. Tillie didn’t need to pass her exams to get into university because they had already given her an offer pf a place. > ___
  2. You need not have done the washing-up. We have got a dishwasher. > ___
  3. Luckily we didn’t need to go to the police station or anything like that. > ___
  4. I will tell you why your cake probably didn’t rise. You needed to heat the oven before you put the cake in. > ___
  5. We needed to get someone in to replace the window the next day. >___



  1. Use a verb from the box to join the sentence beginnings (number 1-8), to the endings (point a-i). There is one verb you need to change its form.

book                buy                  buy                  do the washing up


get                   make                talk                  wear                write




When I was a child I had to    make    f)


1 I didn’t have anything to wear to the wedding so I had to


_________________ a) with your right hand until fairly recently.
2 In many schools it was compulsory to


_________________ b) the table because the restaurant was empty.
3 Although the weather was not great we didn’t have to


_________________ c) jumpers or coats at all.


4 Oh, Robert. You didn’t need to _________________ d) the bus into town.


5 The car wouldn’t start so we had to _________________ e) to you?
6 We realised we need not have _________________ f)



my bed every day.


my a present, but thanks very much.

7 Sorry about the mess. I will have to _________________ h) later because I have got to go out now.
8 Where were you when I needed to _________________ i) a new outfit.



III. A printer was error and caused the last few letters of each line to disappear. Write what you think they were. They may be past obligation structures, or other language.


I qualified in June and got work going to other people’s house, which meant I .. had
to do it in the evenings on the nights when Peter wasn’t working. Peter h… 1. _______
drop me off where I was going because, of course, I can’t drive. We even h.. 2. _______
have the next-door neighbour come and watch the kids for half an hour someti.. 3. _______
while he came and picked me up. So it became too difficult and I decided to w.. 4. _______
from home but people are not so een to come to you, so it’s not so good. I ha..

carry on though, because we had to pay the rent somehow.

5. _______




Kunci Jawaban:





  1. C
  2. R
  3. R
  4. R
  5. C
  6. C
  7. R
  8. C
  9. C


  1. DH
  2. H
  3. DH
  4. DK
  5. H


  1. Buy                            i)
  2. Write a)
  3. Wear c)
  4. Buy g)
  5. Get d)
  6. Booked b)
  7. Do the washing up h)
  8. Talk e)



  1. had to
  2. had to
  3. sometimes
  4. work
  5. had to


Demikianlah soal latihan tentang penggunaan past and future obligation and necessity beserta kunci jawabannya. Soal – soal tersebut diharapkan dapat menambah pemahaman teman – teman. Semoga bermanfaat!


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