50 Contoh Preposisi Bahasa Inggris, Beserta Arti, & Contoh Kalimatnya

50 Contoh Preposisi Bahasa Inggris, Beserta Arti, & Contoh Kalimatnya – Secara tata bahasa, preposisi berarti kata atau kelompok kata yang digunakan bersama kata benda, kata ganti, atau frase kata benda untuk menunjukkan arah, lokasi, waktu, atau untuk memperkenalkan obyek. Untuk membantu Anda lebih jauh dalam pemahaman preposisi, berikut kami sediakan contoh preposisi beserta arti dan kalimatnya.

1. above = Di atas
A bee was buzzing above my head.

2. across = Seberang
I walked across the new bridge.

3. after = Setelah
We are going to have dinner after meeting.

4. against = Berlawanan
One hundred people protested againts the new policy.

5. along = Di sepanjang
We were singing along the way.

6. amid = Di tengah-tengah
On the floor, amid hundreds of papers, are three envelops.

7. among = Di antara (banyak)
I saw my parents among the crowd on my graduation day.

8. around = Di sekitar
My mother put her arm around me.

9. as = Sebagai
Rania works as a hotel manager in Bandung.

10. at = Di
I live at Mulawarman street number 32 Lembang subdistrict West Java.

11. before = Sebelum
Please submit your paper before the due date.

12. behind = Di belakang
She placed your coat behind the door.

13. below = Di bawah
He has many people working below him.

14. beside = Di sebelah
Kayla slept beside her sister last night.

15. besides = Selain itu
Antoni loves basketball besides volley.

16. between = Di antara (dua hal)
She is confused to choose the dress between the red one and the pink one.

17. beyond = Jauh, melebihi
The reality is beyond my expectation.

18. but = Kecuali
I don’t like chicken but fish.

19. by = Oleh
The movie was directed by Hanung.

20. concerning = Tentang
The problem concerning human resource development is handled by the general manager.

21. despite = Walaupun
I can enjoy the event despite the noise.

22. except = Kecuali
Jalu knows everyone here except me.

23. excluding = Tidak termasuk
The bus carried 30 people excluding the driver.

24. following = selanjutnya
Following the conference, there will be a city tour for the participant.

25. for = Selama (durasi waktu)
I have been living in Bandar Lampung for twenty years.


26. from = Dari
I come from London.

27. in = Di dalam
They put the birthday cake in the refrigerator.

28. inside = Di dalam
She hides the good news of her wedding plan inside two weeks.

29. into = Ke dalam
You can pour the water into the glass.

30. like = Seperti
She loves bright colour like shocking pink and neon green.

31. near = Dekat
My office is near the train station.

32. of = Dari
I am the second of four children in my family.

33. on = Pada (di atas)
We take several books on her desk.

34. opposite = Arah bertolak belakang
We sat opposite each other.

35. outside = Di luar
It is still raining outside the building.

36. over = Di atas
He put a scarf over his hand.

37. regarding = Berhubungan/tentang
Regarding to our newest project, we need to word fast.

38. Throughout = seluruh
I found a fact that the virus can spread throughout the city.

39. since = Sejak
The company has been established since 1998.

40. than = Dari pada
Pevita is moore beautiful than Tanisa.

41. through = Melalui
We have gone through sadness and happiness.

42. to = Ke
Danila brought to a very cool place in Bandung last week.

43. under = Di bawah
A couple sat under a tree.

44. unlike = Tidak seperti
She is unlike the other girl who always falls for me.

45. until = Sampai
The beauty class will be held until next Sunday.

46. up = Atas
I followed him up the stairs to a small room.

47. via = Melalui
My father sent me a letter via post office.

48. with = Dengan
Jani will go shopping with her husband this afternoon.

49. within = Dalam
Pia arrived in Soul within hours.

50. without = Tanpa
Those cute kitten cannot live without their mother.

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