Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tentang Persahabatan Terbaru

Cerpen Bahasa Inggris tentang Persahabatan – Berikut terdapat sebuah contoh cerpen tentang persahabatan dalam Bahasa Inggris.

True Friendship

My name is Carla. I am seventeen years old. My hobby is singing and I don’t have any special interest at something. I am not good at singing but I love to do it. I always do it when I am taking a bath. I don’t like studying and reading books. I know that’s important to support my score at school but I have another point of view. For me, studying is not always about reading and doing exercise. Studying is listening to my bestfriend’s story about the subject that she has already read about. She loves reading a lot. She provides me knowledge by listening to her story. She packs the lessons into some interesting stories. I think she has a talent to be a great teacher.

She doesn’t like to be exposed that she has great talent in packing a lesson into story. I keep that secret from the others. I am afraid if tell it to someone else, she will get angry and doesn’t want to help me anymore. However, I ever did that. I tell it to my teacher and my teacher said it in front of my classmates. You know what happened? She couldn’t get angry with me. Hmm, she was angry but a little. She didn’t want to talk to me for 5 minutes. She is very kind. That’s why she never let me down even though I often make her angry.


My friend that I have told above has a name. Her name is Tiara Sabarani. Like her name, she is always patient in facing me who is very bad. I can’t imagine it if she leaves me and goes somewhere to study. She has a dream to study abroad and she wants to enlighthen teachers in Indonesia to be better than before. She told me that our country needs many professional and qualified teachers to make an advance step to compete with great countries in the world. How far she goes, I will always support her. I believe that she won’t forget me.

Even though I am not as smart as her, I am the one who feels responsible to protect her at school from naughty students. One day, she was in the bathroom to change her clothes because we’re going to have sport. She hung her uniform on the door and someone took it without her knowing. The female student’s bathroom was not totally covered by wall. So that someone could do that through above the door. She was panic. She called me and immediately looked for the doers. Fortunalety, I caught them who were trying to bury Tiara’s uniform in the backyard of the school. They were the famous naughty students at school and had already got punishment for many times. I can’t count it. I called my teacher silently and when my teacher found them, they got the punishment.

For me, true friendship is a friendship which doesn’t tie people in it by certain rules. It make us free to be ourselves and doesn’t force us to somebody else who they like. True friend accept who we are in real and support us to be the best version of us be good person. People in true friendship will protect each other without blind action. True friendship is Tiara and me.