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Contoh Report Text About Panda Terbaru – Report Text merupakan teks dalam Bahasa Inggris yang berfungsi untuk menggambarkan sesuatu, baik benda, hewan, tempat, bangunan, atau hal lainnya secara umum. Apakah kalian pernah menceritakan hewan Panda kepada teman atau kerabat kalian sebelumnya? Berikut adalah contoh Report Text mengenai Panda.


Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is a bear species found in the mountains of central and western China. One of the most famous animals and easily identifiable in the world, Panda is also one of the rarest animals and endangered mainly due to habitat loss. Panda bear is unique among other bears because they do not do hibernation. Panda was first discovered by a French naturalist in 1869, the global conservation symbol which then be used as the logo of the World Wildlife Fund. The Chinese people also see the pandas as a symbol of peace. Today, various efforts have been made to try and protect the remaining population in the original habitat of the panda.

Panda bears are like other large species, has a large head, a short tail and a long snout with a large nose, which makes them to have a very good sense of smelling. Panda has thick creamy white fur, with large black spots on the legs, shoulders, ears and nose, and the area around their little eyes are typical. 90 percent of panda eat bamboo. Thus, on a variety of physical adaptations to help consume bamboo including the extension of their wrist bone that acts a bit like a thumb that allows the panda to hold on to a bamboo rod. Panda also has a huge jaw with the jaw muscles and molars strong flat that allows the panda to destroy the bamboo stems and to extract the leaves easily as the nutrients contained therein.

Historically, the panda is found throughout the lowlands of the Yangtze River basin, but the increase in human activity in the area has forced the panda to high mountain areas. Panda populations are still found in six different mountains in central and western China, where they inhabit coniferous forests with dense bamboo forest at an altitude of between 5,000 and 13,000 feet. Upland forest is cold, cloudy and humid and generally experience high levels of rainfall. It is estimated that the unique colors of panda fur can help them to blend into the misty forests when they search for food. However, the loss of habitat to deforestation is the biggest threat to pandas today because they rely almost entirely on bamboo for survival.


Pandas are solitary animals which occupies an area characterized by secretions from scent glands and scratch marks on trees. Giant male panda has an area two times larger than the area of the female pandas. In the overlap region is usually the male and female pandas meet for mating. Panda spends between 12 and 15 hours a day to chew bamboo which they do by sitting with their front legs to hold the food. Although pandas spend time during the day to eat and sleep, they are also known as a good tree climber and can even swim well when needed.

Panda breeds between March and. After a gestation period that lasts for about five months, the female panda gives birth to one or two cubs at the base of hollow trees or caves. Baby panda is very small when it is delivered by measuring only 15cm and weighing only 100g. Baby pandas are also vulnerable, because they are generally blind, hairless, and could only crawl when their age is three months. Even if a female pandas give birth to two babies, she could only take care of one of her babies riding on her back until the age of 6 months and then the baby panda goes to follow her afterwards. Cubs are weaned when they are about a year old but did not leave their mother until they are 18 months old. Some children of pandas can stay with theie parents for several years until their mother is again pregnant, and they leave to establish their own territory.

Panda is an omnivore animal. The food of panda is almost entirely of bamboo found in the surrounding woods. Panda is known to consume more than 30 different species of bamboo plants. Being able to eat up to 30 kg of bamboo a day, pandas use their powerful jaws to crush bamboo making it easier to digest. Pandas spend half of their time per day to eat. And to complement their meal, the panda will consume grasses and fruits, as well as rodents and birds.

Because of its large size and unique habitat of the panda, adult pandas have no natural predators in their bamboo forest environment. However, the threat will always be there for the baby panda which is still vulnerable that it can be eaten by larger predators such as leopards and birds of prey. On the other hand, humans are the greatest threat to panda. Panda has been hunted for their unique fur. As a result of the manhunt, panda is almost extinct in some areas. Other major threats are habitat loss due to the original panda agricultural land clearing and settlement. Pandas are now isolated to remote areas at high mountain and have experienced a decline in population drastically.

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