Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 2

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris SD Kelas 5 Semester 2 – Berbagai contoh soal Bahasa Inggris berikut ini, bisa kalian jadikan latihan untuk menghadapi ujian kenaikan kelas.

I. Choose the Correct Answer by Crossing (X) a, b, c, or d!

Indonesia is a tropical country. Indonesia has two seasons, they are rainy season dry season. When rainy season come, many villages and ricefields can be drawn. Indonesia only has two season because Indonesia located in the world equator line. When the dry season come, many villages in small island have a problem to find good water for drink. The rice field can not be planted.

1. What is text about?
a. Indonesia c. Rainy season and dry season
b. Indonesia’s season d. Indonesia island

2. How many season does Indonesia has?
a. two c. one
b. four d. three

3. Why does Indonesia has those seasons?
a. becasue Indonesia has two season
b. because Indonesia island
c. because Indonesisa located in equator line
d. Indonesia is a big country

4. What are the season does Indonesia has?
a. rainy and snow c. rainy and winter
b. dry and snow d. rainy and dry

5. People eat breakfast in the . . . .
a. afternoon c. morning
b. evening d. night

6. People use umbrella when it is. . .
a. hot c. snow
b. rain d. sunny

7. My father wears a blue . . . today. (dasi)
a. tie c. coat
b. shirt d. suit

8. Teacher : Andi, be quiet please.
The teacher ask Andi to . .
a. be calm c. to do his task
b. to go out d. to be silent

9. Mother : Dini, clean your room.
Ibu menyuruh Dini untuk . . . . .
a. membersihkan kamarnya c. mengerjakan PR
b. pergi mandi d. pergi sekolah

10. Henri . . . . the first winner in the chess competition yesterday.
a. win c. sold
b. won d. sell

11. Juni . . . English very hard last night. (belajar)
a. studied c. sleep
b. study d. learn

12. We buy a new . . . for our mother’s birthday. (gaun)
a. shirt c. suit
b. cap d. dress

13. Seli . . . . (tidak) pergi ke sekolah hari ini.
a. do not c. is not
b. does not d. are not

14. They . . . . play basketball today.
a. do not c. is not
b. does not d. are not

15. I . . .like apple.
a. am not c. are not
b. is not d. do not


16. Please . . . . my birthday party today. (nikmati0
a. go c. enjoy
b. see d. will

17. I . . . in your birthday last week.
a. am c. was
b. is d. are

18. I . . . you to my birthday party. (mengundang)
a. want c. go
b. invite d. will

19. The sky look dark. I think it will . . .
a. rain c. sunny
b. sunny d. windy

20. Asni : Thank you for your help Nina.
Nina : . . . . .
The correct response is . . .
a. yes. thank you c. Yes. I do
b. no. Thank you d. you are welcome

21. Batuk. In English is . . . . .
a. cold c. stomach ache
b. fever d. cough

22. demam. In English is . . .
a. tooth ache c. cold
b. fever d. stomach ache

23. Pilek. In English is. . .
a. tooth ache c. cold
b. stomach ache d. fever

24. I give Dina a new story book as a . . . (hadiah)
a. cake c. story
b. present d. birthday

25. Dicky : Hey Jun, will you go to my home for play badminton?
Juna : . . . . ., I have to help my father.
a. I’m so sorry c. Ok
b. Yes, I will d. Yes, lets go

II. Translate into English!

26. Kami tidur jam 09.00 semalam.
27. Sera pergi ke Makassar minggu lalu.
28. Hari ini cuacanya cerah.
29. Linda membeli rok baru.
30. Indra mempunyai topi berwarna putih.

III. Match the Words with the Translation in the Right.

31. Clana panjang. – a. Tie
32. Hadiah. – b. Snow
33. Dengan senang hati. – c. Clown
34. Badut – d. with my pleasure
35. Dasi – e. present
36. Kemeja – f. trouser
37. bulan kemarin – g. last month
38. minggu depan – h. shirt
39. tahun lalu – i. next wek
40. salju – j. last year