Pengertian, Contoh, & Kalimat Compound Noun

Pengertian, Contoh, & Kalimat Compound Noun – Compound noun adalah kata yang terbentuk dari dua kata atau lebih sehingga memiliki arti baru. Makna baru yang terbentuk menjadi lebih spesifik. Pada umumnya, compound noun terdiri dari dua bagian. Bagian pertama menjelaskan tujuan dari objek benda yang dimaksud. Bagian kedua adalah yang mengidentifikasi kata benda itu sendiri.

Compound element Contoh Compund Noun Contoh Kalimat
Noun + noun Motorcycle


My father goes to work by motorcycle.

Grace locked herself in the bathroom yesterday.

Noun + verb Haircut


Julian has a new haircut. It looks cool.

We cannot predict the volume of the rainfall tonight.

Noun + adverb Passer-by


A policeman wrongly shot a passer-by at the park.

Wherever there are smart and rich people, there are always hangers-on.

Verb + noun Dining-room

Swimming pool

The manager has waited for in the dining-room since two hours ago.

Peter asked mem to go to swimming pool this weekend.

Verb + adverb Drawback


The company shows the probability of any drawback if they join the operation with the other companies.

Keep a lookout for any danger that might happen to my grandparents.

Adverb + noun Bystander


Many innocent bystanders were injured by the car accident in Mojokerto.

A crowd of curious onlookers only watched on the wildfire and did nothing.

Adjective + verb Wet-cleaning

Public speaking

I put my carpets at laundry for dry-cleaning.

John is popular by his public speaking.

Adjective + noun Hardware


There is a problem with the hardware of my computer.

Greg grows a lot of strawberries in her greenhouse.

Adverb + verb Input


She has not got have much input for her final project.

Last year American manufacturing output fell by 30%.

Element yang membentuk compound noun dapat bervariasi. Berikut ini adalah contoh variasinya.

Bagian pertama Bagian kedua Compoun noun
Dining Table Dining-table
Police Man Policeman
Girl Friend Girlfriend
Fish Tank Water tank

Dalam menulis compound noun terdapat tiga cara penulisan yang perlu kita ketahui.


1. Open atau dengan menggunakan spasi diantara dua kata yang digabung menjadi compound noun.


Tennis shoe
My big brother got a new tennis shoe from my mother as birthday gift.

Bus stop
Since this is my first time going to Lembang, I haven’t known yet which bus stop that I have to stop at.

Full moon
Tonight, we will watch a very beautiful fullmoon from our rooftop.

Washing machine
They broke our waching machine and haven’t had any intention to fix it.

Swimming pool
Sandra and Dinar went to the best swimming pool in Seoul.

2. Hyphenated atau dengan menggunakan tanda strip diantara dua kata yang digabung menjadi compound noun.


Mandra has perfect six-pack on his body that makes everyone envy.

I saw many fire-flies in the garden last night.

Lee’s job is train-spotting.

Min Ho works on the checkout at the local Department Store.

I visited my father-in-law last week.

3. Closed atau tanpa menggunakan spasi atau tanda strip diantara dua kata yang digabung menjadi compound noun.


We went to our bedroom early last night.

Playing football is Hasan’s hobby.

The teacher asked me to clean the blackboard.

The employees get used to operate the new software on their computer.

My students had a late breakfast so that they got stomachache in the morning.

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