40 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 2

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 2 – Semoga dengan 40 contoh soal Bahasa Inggris berikut ini, kalian bisa meningkatkan kemampuan bahasa Inggris secara lebih baik lagi.

I. Choose The Best Answer By Crossing (X) a, b , c or d!

1. Linda : Mom. May I play in the park with my friends?
Mother : . . . . Don’ go home late.

a. Yes, of course. c. I’m sorry. You can not.
b. No. You can not. d. No. help me now.

2. Pinto : . . . . ., it is too hot here.
Dean : Yes, go ahead.

a. Can you open the window? c. Please, open the window!
b. Can I open the window? d. May you open the door?

3. I . . . a big dog in my home. (mempunyai)

a. has c. have
b. am d. do

4. She . . . . a beautiful dress. (mempunyai)

a. give c. buy
b. look d. has

5. My family and I usually eat dinner in the . . . .

a. Living room c. dining room
b. kitchen d. bedroom

6. My father is fixing the car in the . . .

a. Living room c. Home
b. garage d. garden

7. We can find TV, sofa in the . . .

a. kitchen c. garden
b. garage d. living room

8. Stain : I think the Mathematics test is too hard.
Dera : . . . . . If you study last night.

a. I don’t think so. c. I think so.
b. I agree d. Yes, of course

9. Firda : I’m hungry. Let’s go to canteen to buy somay.
Sera : .. . . . . . I also want to drink ice cream.

a. I agree c. I’m sorry.
b. No. we can not d. I disagree

10. Mother ask Doni to clean his room. The sentence should be . .. .

a. Doni, go out! c. Doni, please go.
b. Doni, clean your bedroom. d. Doni, help me.

11. Teacher ask Heri to clean the board. The sentence should be . . .

a. Heri, clean the board please! c. Heri, sit down!
b. Heri, go out! d. Heri, stand up!

12. Dina : Which cat do you like. The white or the black one?
Ander : . . . . . I will take the black cat.

a. I don’t like white cat. c. I want white cat.
b. I like white cat. d. I love white cat.

13. Werda : Do you like swimming?
Afri : . . . . . I have a trauma with swimming.

a. I love swimming c. I hate swimming
b. I like it. d. I don’t go anywhere.


Text for question 14 – 18.

Today Kiki goes to library. He loves to go there and read novel. She meet Mr. Joacim in the library. He is a librarian. He always in the library to help people find a book or borrow a book. Kiki wants to be a librarian because he like book. Kiki often help Mr. Joacim when she is in holiday.

14. Where is Kiki going today?

a. Library c. Book store
b. School d. market

15. Why Kiki goes there?

a. To buy book. c. To help Mr. Joacim
b. To meet Mr. Joacim d. To read novel

16. What is Kiki ambition?

a. to be a nurse c. to be a librarian
b. to be a doctor d. to be a writer

17. What is a librarian?

a. someone help people in library c. someone who write novel
b. someone who read novel d. someone who loves reading

18. What is Kiki do in the holiday?

a. often help Mr. Joacim c. read novel
b. go to market d. Help her mother

19. Ada seekor burung di pohon. In English is . . .

a. There is a monkey on the tree. c. There are birds in the tree.
b. There are monkeys in the tree d. There is a bird in the tree

20. Ada banyak buku di tas. In English is. . . .

a. There is some books in the bag c. There are a book in the bag
b. There are some books in the bag d. There is a book in the bag

21. Rini Like to cook. She wants to be a . . . (koki)

a. Waitress c. writer
b. Chef d. doctor

22. Pilot is a people who. . . .

a. operate train c. fly the plane
b. drive the car d. ride a motorcycle

23. Gea love to take care animals. She want to be a . . .

a. doctor c. stewardess
b. nurse d. Veterinarian

24. Father save th car in the . . .

a. garage c. office
b. garden d. home

25. We can find tooth paste, brush, soap and towel in the . .

a. living room c. garage
b. bathroom d. bedroom

II. Translate into English!

26. Saya pikir sop adalah makanan yang enak.
27. Saya ingin duduk disamping Nia.
28. Kita bisa bermain setelah mandi.
29. Doni, bersihkan meja itu!
30. Ada banyak ikan di sungai.
31. Saya belajar matematika.
32. Dini pergi ke taman hari ini.
33. Bolehkah saya meminjam pena mu?
34. Kido mempunyai dua ekor kucing.
35. Mereka mempunyai banyak makanan.

III. Fill in the blanks!

36. Reni and Dona . . . a comic in the library. (membaca)
37. He . . . . a lot of sugar. (membeli)
38. Where . . . you live Andi?
39. I . . . reading a novel. I don’t like reading newspaper.
40. I always wake up . . . . my brother wake up. (sebelum)