Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Noun & Kunci Jawaban

Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Noun & Kunci Jawaban – Noun merupakan kata benda dalam Bahasa Inggris. Noun dapat dibagi menjadi beberapa jenis, seperti berdasarkan jumlahnya yaitu countable noun dan uncountable noun, berdasarkan sifatnya yaitu abstract noun dan concrete noun. Agar lebih memahami materi tentang noun, berikut adalah soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Noun beserta kunci jawabannya.

Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Noun

I. Choose the best answer!

1. Call the ______ to help the patient to go to the hospital.
a. Police office
b. Post office
c. Ambulance
d. Clinic

2. My mother is watching ______ now.
a. A TV
b. A magazine
c. A newspaper
d. A radio

3. My mother always remind me to brush my _______ before sleeping.
a. Foot
b. Teeth
c. Shoes
d. Dress

4. _____ is a kind of Indonesian food.
a. Pizza
b. Sushi
c. Fried rice
d. Kebab

5. I am so sorry, all _______ in this restaurant have been booked.
a. Rooms
b. Chairs
c. Pools
d. Tables

6. I need _____ to buy food or drink.
a. Money
b. Paper
c. Book
d. Wallet

7. Before entering someone’s house, we need to take off our _______ outside.
a. Bags
b. Shoes
c. Clothes
d. Caps

8. Will you and your sister go to the _____ to watch a football match?
a. Hospital
b. Cinema
c. Stadion
d. Theater

9. I do not know the _______ to buy some books.
a. House
b. Studio
c. Clinic
d. Place

10. _____ is the place to borrow some books at school.
a. Canteen
b. Classroom
c. Library
d. Teacher office

II. Choose the best answer!

1. My mango tree has many _____ .
a. Branch
b. Branches
c. Branchs
d. Branched

2. My mother has ______ in her kitchen that are sharp.
a. Knive
b. Knife
c. Knives
d. Knifes

3. My teacher asked the students to bring two _____ for the experiment.
a. Mice
b. Mouse
c. Mouses
d. Mices

4. Indonesia consists of thousand ________ .
a. Island
b. Islanded
c. Islandes
d. Islands

5. The _____ in an ocean are more than in a lake or a river.
a. Fish
b. Fishes
c. Fishs
d. Fiesh

6. Mrs. Jenna buy three ______ for the flowers in her living room.
a. Vas
b. Vases
c. Vass
d. Vase [sc:ads]

7. I do not know his _______ .
a. Addresses
b. Adress
c. Address
d. Addres

8. I love to go to some ______ to buy books.
a. Library
b. Libraries
c. Bookstore
d. Bookstores

9. I like to go to village because I can feed the ____ .
a. Sheeps
b. Sheep
c. Ship
d. Ships

10. When I am very thirsty, I can drink two bottle of _____ in a time.
a. Waterfall
b. Water dipper
c. Waters
d. Water

III. Choose the best answer from the words in the bracket for every sentence!


1. I very like eating a _______ of chocolate at night.
2. My father buys a ______ of water for me after running for 20 minutes.
3. My mother always says to me to drink a _____ of milk in the morning.
4. Nita likes eating a ______ of chips while watching a movie.
5. Naomi does not want to share a ______ of pizza to Julian.
6. Mr. Aiden likes to drink a _____ of coffee in the morning.
7. I want to make a _____ of chicken soup for my mother.
8. My brother does not want to bring a ______ of water to the bathroom.
9. My friend gives me a _____ of red velvet cake and it is so delicious.
10. Mrs. Bauer’ favorite food is a _____ of fried rice.

Kunci Jawaban:
1. C. ambulance
2. A. A TV
3. B. teeth
4. C. fried rice
5. D. tables
6. A. money
7. B. shoes
8. C. stadion
9. D. place
10. C. library

1. B. branches
2. C. knives
3. A. mice
4. D. islands
5. A. fish
6. B. vases
7. C. address
8. D. bookstores
9. B. sheep
10. D. water

1. A bar of chocolate
2. A bottle of water
3. A glass of milk
4. A package of chips
5. A slice of pizza
6. A cup of coffee
7. A bowl of chicken soup
8. A bucket of water
9. A piece of red velvet cake
10. A plate of fried rice

Demikianlah soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Noun beserta kunci jawabannya. Semoga kalian dapat mengerjakannya dengan baik dan dapat bermanfaat. Good luck!

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