Materi Tenses: Present Continuous Tense

Materi Tenses: Present Continuous Tense – Present continuous tense digunakan untuk menceritakan kegiatan yang sekarang sedang terjadi dan masih berlanjut. Kegiatan yang dideskripsikan bisa jadi sementara atau berlanjut di masa mendatang.

Pola dan contoh kalimat verbal dalam present continuous tense:

No. Jenis kalimat Pola Contoh Kalimat
1. Affirmative Subject + to be (am/is/are) + V-ing.

Am à I

Is à She, he, it

(benda tunggal)

Are à they, you, we

(benda jamak)

I am eating banana with oat now.

You/They/We are eating banana with oat now.

She/he/it is eating banana with oat now.

2. Negative Subject + to be (am/is/are) + not + V-ing. I am not eating banana with oat now.

You/They/We are not eating banana with oat now.

She/he/it is not eating banana with oat now.

3. Interogative To be (am/is/are) + Subject + V-ing +? Am I eating banana with oat now?

Are you/they/we employees eating banana with oat now?

Is she/he/it eating banana with oat now?


Tidak semua Verb bisa dijadikan bentuk continuous. Daftar verb yang ada di bawah ini biasanya merujuk pada pernyataan dan bukan aksi/proses sehingga tidak dapat dijadikan bentuk continuous.

• to feel*
• to hear
• to see*
• to smell
• to taste
• to assume
• to believe
• to consider
• to doubt
• to feel (= to think)
• to find (= to consider)
• to suppose
• to think
• to forget
• to imagine
• to know
• to mean
• to notice
• to recognise
• to remember
• to understand
• to envy
• to fear
• to dislike
• to hate
• to hope
• to like
• to love
• to mind
• to prefer
• to regret
• to want
• to wish
• to contain
• to cost
• to hold
• to measure
• to weigh
• to look (=resemble)
• to seem
• to be (in most cases)
• to have(when it means “to possess”)

Ekspresi waktu dalam present continuous tense:

• Now
• At the moment
• At present
• Right now
• For the time being


Berikut ini adalah contoh kalimat past continuous tense berdasarkan fungsi/kegunaanya:

1. Kegiatan sekarang

Present continuous tense bisa digunakan untuk menjelaskan kegiatan yang sedang terjadi atau yang sedang tidak terjadi.


• I am crying for joy now.
• My niece is not sleeping in her bedroom right now.
• Are they watching horror movie?
• She is staying at home and waiting for her friends to study.
• We are not sewing our broken shirt.
• Jemi is finishing her homework.

2. Kegiatan dalam progress ada kemungkinan berlanjut terus dalam waktu lama.


• I am learning English to travel abroad.
• I am not listening to metal music.
• Sissy is not trying to fix her car until her father sends her money.
• Qiqi and Hye Soo are writing a romance novel.
• Is your cat sleeping in her bed?
• Lena and Vuji are working at an International Bank?

3. Indikasi sesuatu yang akan terjadi dalam waktu dekat


• He is meeting his partners from the office.
• Wewen and I are not going to Sela’s birthday party.
• Am I visiting my aunt tonight?
• Munita is singing her favourite song.
• Orfalso is reading an article in the news paper about her achievement.