Materi Tenses: Past Continuous

Materi Tenses: Past Continuous – Past continuous tense digunakan untuk mendeskripsikan kegiatan atau peristiwa yang sedang berlangsung/masih terjadi di waktu lampau. Fokusnya adalah pada proses kegiatan tersebut terjadi. Dengan kata lain, present continuous tense berguna untuk mengekspresikan kegiatan yang belum selesai di waktu lampau.

Pola dan contoh kalimat verbal dalam past continuous tense:

No. Jenis kalimat Pola Contoh Kalimat
1. Affirmative Subject + to be (was/were) + V-ing.

Was à I, she, he, it (tunggal)

Were à they, you, we (jamak)

You/They/We were writing a biography book.

I/She/he/it was writing a biography book.


2. Negative Subject + to be (was/were) + not + V-ing. You/They/We were not writing a biography book.

She/he/it was not writing a biography book.

3. Interogative To be (was/were) + Subject + V-ing +? Were you/they/we writing a biography book?

Was she/he/it writing a biography book?


Tidak terdapat kalimat nominal dalam past continuous tense. Selain itu, past continuous tense bisa digabungkan dengan kalimat simple past tense sehingga mereka menjadi kalimat majemuk. Contohnya seperti dibawah ini:

• My mother was cooking in the kitchen when I came home.
• I was studying at home when my friend called me for asking help.

Kalimat simple past tense tersebut memberikan indikasi peristiwa yang menginterupsi kejadian yang sedang berlangsung yang mana diekspresikan melalui past continuous tense.

Berikut ini adalah contoh kalimat past continuous tense berdasarkan fungsi/kegunaanya:

1. Kegiatan yang terinterupsi di masa lampau

Interupsi yang dimaksud bisa jadi interupsi yang sebenarnya atau interupsi waktu (terjadi secara beririsan).

Contoh :

• I was playing with my brother when my sister came with her friends.
• When the bus arrived, she was running out of the station to look for her lost ring.
• We are going to a music studio by motorcycle when it started to rain.
• Shena was sleeping when the accident happened in front of her house.


2. Peristiwa pararel

Kita bisa membuat kalimat majemuk dengan dua anak kalimat dalam past continuous tense. Hal tersebut mengekspresikan dua kegiatan yang sedang terjadi bersamaan di waktu lampau.


• They were listening to music while we were reading physics books.
• While Hesti was singin, Desta was playing guitar.
• Were you talking while she was talking, too?
• I was not listening to her while she was giving the directions.

3. Pengulangan dan Kekesalan dengan adverb “Always”

Past continuous tense dengan kata keterangan “always” atau “constantly” adalah bentuk ekspresi kekesalan atau rasa terkejut seseorang. Konsep ini mirip dengan “used to” namun dengan muatan emosi negative.


• They were always disturbing many girls at school.
• She was constantly humming. She distracted my concentration.
• We didn’t agree with them since they were always arguing.


While dan When

Di dalam kalimat majemuk dimana kita menggabungkan kalimat simple past tense dan past continuous tense, kita menggunakan kata penghubung while dan when. Kita bisa menggunakan when saat kita ingin meletakkan kalimat simple past tense terlebih dahulu. Dengan kata lain, kata when diikuti dengan simple past tense dan kata while diikuti dengan past continuos tense. Sementara while digunakan untuk menggabungkan dua kalimat past continuous tense menjadi satu kalimat majemuk.


• We were baking a cake when her a terrifying sound.
• While Pepita was studying, her mother shouted loudly because of a cockroach.
• Diandra was watching movie while her husband was eating noodle.

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