Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hobi

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Tentang Hobi – Setiap orang pasti memiliki aktivitas yang disenangi yang dilakukan pada waktu senggang. Aktivitas yang disenangi yang kita lakukan pada waktu luang biasa kita sebut sebagai hobi. Kita pasti pernah membicarakan hobi kita kepada keluarga, teman, ataupun kenalan baru.

Berikut adalah contoh dialog Bahasa Inggris mengenai hobi.

Fitri: Hello Wawan! How are you doing?

Wawan: Hi Fitri! I am doing fine, thank you. What about you?

Fitri: I am also fine, thanks. What are you doing? You are looking busy. Am i bothering you right now?

Wawan: No no, I am not. I am just taking some photos of these precious little things.

Fitri: Are you taking photos of toys? Dude, you are big. You do not have to play these little cars again. You can give these for your little brothers or cousins.

Wawan: What? Hey nopee. These are not toys, but the collection.

Fitri: What kind of collection? I do not understand what you are talking about. please explain it to me.

Wawan: Well, these are dekes. Dekes are models of things, such as cars, planes, trains, houses, and many more, which are used as collections. Dekes have many scales and they are made very carefully and look exactly like the real ones. So that is why the prices of dekes are not that cheap.

Fitri: Oh I see.. So you take the pictures of these dekes just for your collection or what?

Wawan: Yeah I like to take pictures of these cute things. Besides, I take the pictures of these dekes because I want to sell some of them.

Fitri: Really? Why do you want to sell some of your collection? Do you feel bored with them?

Wawan: No no. I never get bored of these cars. I want to sell some of them because I want to start a business. I want to be a distributor of dekes. Anyway my collections at home are just too many, so that is why I want to sell them some. I want to just keep my favorite ones.

Fitri: Wow that is nice! I hope that your business will run well. Best of luck!

Wawan: Thank you so much Fitri.

Fitri: No thanks needed. So, which ones are your favorites?

Wawan: Actually all of my dekes are my favorite haha.. But my favorites are the littlest ones. The cars in blue and white which I put on the transparant box.

Fitri: Really? Why do you like the littlest ones as your favorites? They are just too small. The size of it is not even bigger than your palm.

Wawan: That is the point. The smaller the size of the dekes, the more expensive the prices will be. So that is why the smallest ones are my favorites. Anyway they just look cool.

Fitri: Really? I just knew it. Are dekes different from the toys in the shops?

Wawan: Of course they are different. Totally different. You know what? Dekes are made from the good materials. The materials for making dekes are not the cheap ones. The quality of the materials of the dekes is really concerned. Dekes are made to be just exactly look like the real ones of them. So that is why the price of dekes is really expensive.

Fitri: Is that so? Do you always play your dekes?

Wawan: Yes really. Yes I always play my dekes but just to take pictures of them. I do not play them like a child who just got his new toys. These dekes are expensive so that is why I hold them very carefully and I do not want these dekes get scars in their bodies.

Fitri: Oh I see.. Did you buy all of your dekes in this city?

Wawan: Not all of my dekes were bought here. I also bought dekes from other cities and even from other countries.

Fitri: Oh really? It is very expensive, then.

Wawan: Yup, it is. The car which I hold in my hand right now is the one that I bought in other country and it is a limited edition.

Fitri: How lucky you are! After listening to your story, i get interested in collecting miniature of something.

Wawan: Yes I am.. Really? That is cool! When you want to buy dekes, just buy it from me okay’?

Fitri: Yes, of course. Okay Wawan best of luck for your seminar. Congratulations.

Wawan: Thank youuu Fitri, the same for you.

Demikianlah contoh dialog mengenai hobi dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat!

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