Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang

Contoh Dialog Percakapan Bahasa Inggris 4 Orang – Berikut ini terdapat sebuah contoh dialog bahasa Inggris 4 orang dimana para sahabat sedang membicarakan mengenai ide-ide mereka.

Nami: Hello, everyone! As I have told you yesterday that we are going to discuss about the new social projects for the ten grade students, now I encourage you to share your idea in this forum. Any objection?

Busro: No. I am ready. I can’t wait to present my idea.

Fatma: So do I.

Nami: How about you, Ben?

Ben: Alright. No problem. I have prepared it last night.

Nami: Wow, how lucky I am to have friends like you all, dude.

Fatma: It’s not a big deal, Nami. It’s our responsibility, too.

Busro: Okay, who wants to be the first?

Ben: Me. May I?

Busro: Oh, my pleasure, Ben.

Ben: Well, my friends, I propose to conduct a village library program. Here, the new students will collect the books, it can be new books or the books which have not been used anymore by them. Each student should donate at least a book. They should work in some teams. The teams will work on different job descriptions in organizing the books and how to make the village library launched in a certain town. They will also be guided to contact the residents or the head of the district to deal with this program. If this idea is accepted, then we can talk further in detail.

Nami: Wow, excellent! Great spirit, Ben. You have make it quite detail. Any comment, criticism, or suggestion?

Fatma: Do you think that the head of the district will agree? Is it possible for students like us to negotiate?

Ben: Don’t worry, Fatma. We can ask our teachers to involve on this matter. We are not alone.

Busro: Yes, I agree with Ben. Our teachers will accompany us.

Nami: Okay, to make the time effective, we should continue to the next idea. Who’s next?

Busro: Let me explain my idea now. I’m thinking about teaching at orphanage. We will observe several orphanages in our town and see the possibility to conduct a fun learning there which involves the new students of our school. They will be divided into several team, too. The concept of fun learning at the orphanage is we will teach the students through games and give useful tutorial how to recycle something into more valueable things. I propose to conduct this program once a week or on Fridays.

Nami: Wow, that’s a great idea. Any comment?

Ben: Have you had a list of orphanages?


Busro: It is still on progress. I just found 5 orphange.

Fatma: Busro, who will lead the students to conduct the games?

Burso: Our teacher will involve to give them.

Ben: Great, Busro.

Nami: Next idea, please, Fatma.

Fatma: Well, thank you for the time. My idea is related to charity drama play. It is kind of theatrical performance. The fund that is collected through this drama play will be donated to a cancer foundation.

Nami: Great idea! I am amazed by all of your plans.

Ben: How about you, Nami? You used to be very creative, but you seem tired lately.

Nami: I have a lot of things to organize since I’m elected as the head of OSIS. Don’t worry. I also have an idea for the new students social program. Well, I think about something similar to Busro’s idea. Here, I’m going to conduct a recycling program which involve the new students. They will make a recycled product and we will held the exhibition to promote their products. The fund that we get will be donated to a cancer foundation. It’s like a combination of Fatma’s and Busro’s ideas. Therefore, I’m amazed that we have something similar in our mind.

Ben: Then, what will be chosen? And who will decide it?

Nami: I have taken a note and I will discuss it with OSIS supervisior, headmaster, and the other teachers. I need their consideration since it will also involve them.

Busro: Yup. That’s right. Hopefully, the choice is the best for all.

Fatma: We are a great team. I’m proud of you, guys.

Ben: Keep solid and be the best representatives for the students in this school.

Nami: I am honoured to be the leader and I’m nothing without you, guys. Thank you very much for your inspiring ideas and enthusiasm in this project. See you on the next meeting. Have a nice day!

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