Definisi Imperative, Penjelasan, dan Contoh Kalimatnya

Definisi Imperative, Penjelasan, dan Contoh Kalimatnya – Imperative adalah kalimat yang berupa perintah, permintaan, nasehat, atau saran, yang mana bisa diakhiri dengan tanda titik atau tanda seru, tergantung dari derajat penekanannya. Kata kerja utama dalam kalimat perintah adalah yang paling penting. Kalimat perintah bisa dalam bentuk kalimat singkat atau panjang. bahkan kalimat perintah yang paling sederhana hanya terdiri dari satu kata kerja, seperti: “stop!”, “hurry!”, “go!”. Bentuk kata kerja yag digunakan adalah bentuk asli, tanpa diberi awalan atau akhiran.

Tanda titik atau tanda seru?

Apabila kalimat perintah mengandung makna paksaan, maka tanda seru yang digunakan.

Contoh kalimat:

• Get out!
• Hurry up!
• Tell me the truth!
• Don’t touch me!
• Set the room properly!
• Don’t mess up the party!
• Run!
• Stop!
• Take it and go!
• See it clearly!

Apabila kalimat perintah mengandung makna yang lebih halus/sopan dan merupakan saran/nasehat, maka tanda titik yang digunakan. Selain itu penggunaan kata ‘please’ di awal/akhir kalimat akan memperhalus/membuat lebih sopan permintaan/perintah/nasehat/saran tersebut.

Contoh kalimat:

• Please leave me alone.
• Do not scold her, please. She does nothing wrong.
• Believe in your parents, please. They will not harm you.
• Put the flowers on the bed, please.
• Say something lovely, please.
• Do your homework now before you get sleepy.
• Don’t be so childish, please. Grow up.
• Let me know if she comes home.
• Don’t tell her if I am here.
• Send my regards to your family.

Subjek Kalimat Imperative

Subjek dalam kalimat imperative tidak disebutkan. Secara implicit kita mengetahui bahwa subjeknya adala ‘You’ atau Anda.

• (You) boil the water.
• (You) go to the market.
• (You) finish your work as soon as possible.
• (You) walk through the gate and turn right at the circle of flower’s park.
• (You) visit his grandparents in Semarang.
• (You) put the magazine away.
• (You) say you love me.


Contoh Kalimat Imperative

• Stop smoking, please. The smoke annoys me.
• Help me, please. I have many things to do in the kitchen.
• Let us talk for a while. It is important.
• Bring some water for the dogs. They look thirsty.
• Cook delicious food for our dinner.
• Water the garden, please. It seems so dry.
• Look at that boy! He is attacked by the bear.
• Don’t watch that scary movie. You will not sleep tight.
• Don’t blame anyone toward the accident.
• Please show your identity card. We need to check all of the passangers.
• Give me your phone number. I will call you if it is necessary.
• Watch us tonight! We will give the best performance.
• Wait! You can’t do the operation without the permission from his family.
• Be careful with your words. It can beat you back.
• Be yourself.
• Be the best for us.
• Be happy. Be healthy. Stay pretty.
• Feel free to ask question.
• Don’t let anyone disturb our inner peace.
• Try our new product, please. It is free.
• Have a romantic dinner.
• Please pass the sugar.
• Shut up! The baby is sleeping.
• Be there at 9:00.
• Keep calm.
• Look forward.
• Work hard. Play hard.
• Save him, please.
• Call him now.
• Go to the train station! Pick her up.
• Take your time. Slow down.
• Turn off the radio.