Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Sekolah

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris 2 Orang Tentang Sekolah – Dalam kehidupan sehari – hari, hampir setiap orang akan membicarakan hal – hal yang berkaitan dengan sekolah, baik itu tentang nilai pelajaran, pr, bayaran sekolah, atau hal lainnya. Tidak hanya para siswa yang membicarakan hal mengenai sekolah, orang tua dan remaja pun akan membicarakan hal tersebut. Berikut ini kami akan menyajikan contoh percakapan 2 orang tentang sekolah dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Dina: Hello Vira!

Vira: Hi Dina! How are you?

Dina: I am doing well, Vira. What about you?

Vira: I am good as well, thank you. So how was your experience in doing teaching training?

Dina: Well, it was so great! What about you?

Vira: It was nice. Tell me about your experience, please. I am eager to know about it.

Dina: Well, firstly I would like to tell you about the school. It is actually an old school which has some buildings. They are old buildings and only some buildings can be used. The number of classes that can be used to conduct a teaching-learning instruction are also not so many. There are only 3 classes used for the students to study.

Vira: Seriously? Only 3 classes for the students to study? So it means that the number of the students there are not so many, right?

Dina: Yes, you are right. The number of the students there are about 100 students.

Vira: Oh, what about the behaviour of the students? Are they naughty students or the kind ones?

Dina: Well, I cannot say that they are all naughty. Actually, all of the students are kind, but there were some students who were lazier than the others, and some were naughty and did not want to do the task that I gave to them.

Vira: Oh, I see.. Yeah, it is the same as the students in my place of teaching training. What about the teacher there? I wonder how many the teacher are there if the number of the students there are not so many.

Dina: Surprisingly, the number of the teachers there are many. I mean not so many, but it is a normal number for the teachers in a school. The number of the teachers were 11 teachers with a headmistress, school staff, and a librarian.

Vira: Really? Then that school was a good one, right?

Dina: Yeah it was. One of the teacher there said that the reputation of that school was going down because they have a rival. It is a new school which is located in the same district of the school where I did the teachig training.

Vira: Is it only because it is a new school?

Dina: Nope. Besides, the facilities in that new school is better than in my school. Do you know what? In the school where I did teahing training had no laboratorium and also the media for the students to study.

Vira: Oh I see.. I think that is why the students who are graduated from elementary school want to choose the new school than the old one.

Dina: Yes, I think so either.

Vira: But tell me, how was your feeling to teach the students there in the village?

Dina: At first maybe I felt so nervous when I have to teach students for the first time, but then by the time passed, I felt that teaching students is an enjoying activity. It is because we can see the improvements of our students day by day. Seeing our students from ‘cannot’ to ‘can’ is something amazing, you know.

Vira: Yes, I know that feeling. I also felt very happy to teach my students in the school where I did the teaching training. Did you ever angry to your students in the class?

Dina: Umm, yeah I was. Actually, I was not angry, I was giving them many advices what to do and what not to do because they were youngs and still needed to get more knowledges and experiences in their life. In the morning, before the class started, I used to give them something to read and I asked them to give the conclusion and the message from what they had read so that they can learn something good for their moral. It is not only our brain that needs foods, our soul also needs it.

Vira: Aww you are such a great teacher! I believe that your students felt happy to be taught by you and I am sure that they are missing you right now.

Dina: Really? Thank you so much. Yup, I hope so because I also miss them. What about you? You have to tell me your teaching training experiences.

Vira: Well, I want to tell you my story, but the day is getting dark so I have to go home in some minutes. See you later.

Dina: Umm, okay then it is ok. See you later and take care.

Vira: Byee, you too.

Demikianlah contoh dialog antara 2 orang tentang sekolah dalam Bahasa Inggris. Terima kasih.

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