23 Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SD Terbaru

23 Latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SD Terbaru – Ujian Nasional (UN) merupakan salah satu syarat yang wajib untuk dilaksanakan agar seorang siswa dinyatakan lulus dari suatu sekolah. Banyak para siswa yang menganggap bahwa Ujian Nasional merupakan hal yang sulit. Akan tetapi, jika kita siap sering berlatih, maka kita akan siap menghadapi Ujian Nasional. Berikut adalah latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SD.

1. Intan : I feel hot … , please?
Dino : Here you are.
a. May I borrow your clothes
b. May I borrow your jacket
c. May I borrow your shoes
d. May I borrow your cap

2. Desi : Let me help you … the flowers, Mom!
Mom: Okay.
a. Water
b. Milk
c. Feed
d. Wash

3. Rani : Adi, do you mind … shopping with me?
Adi : I am sorry, I want to help my mother.
a. Buying
b. Playing
c. Helping
d. Going

4. Endah : … ! May I try the red dress?
Staff : Sure, please!
a. Sorry please
b. Excuse me
c. Thank you
d. What

5. Teacher : The blackboard is full of writing. Fahri, please … the blackboard!
Fahri : Okay, Sir!
a. Sweep
b. Pick up
c. Clean
d. Empty
6. Mr. Aldo : Let’s feed the …
Dimas : Okay, let’s do it.

a. Cow
b. Rabbit
c. Squirrel
d. Duck

7. Sita : What … you want to eat?
Emil : I want to eat a cake.
a. Do
b. Does
c. Has
d. Have

8. Mr. Bimo : Good bye, Rani!
Rani : Bye, Mr. Bimo!
Mr. Bimo : …
Rani : Nice to meet you, too.
a. Fine, thanks
b. Nice too
c. See you
d. Nice to meet you

9. Tiara : Can I borrow your pen?
Vira : … ! Here you are.
Tiara : Thank you.
Vira : You are welcome.
a. Thank you
b. Sorry
c. What
d. Of course

10. Teacher : Don’t … the fire! It is dangerous.
Dinda : Okay, Sir!
a. Sit
b. Watch
c. Sleep
d. Touch

11. Arman : Let’s play kite.
Anton : Sure. The weather is … , we can play it.
a. Foggy
b. Rainy
c. Autumn
d. Windy

12. Mrs. Risa : Look, the flowers are white. Can you … them, please?
Diva : Okay, miss!
a. Sweep
b. Clean
c. Watch
d. Water

13. Tiara : Do you like orange?
Lisa : No, I do not. It is …
a. Juicy
b. Sour
c. Delicious
d. Sweet

14. Jean : May I … your dictionary, please?
Yani : Okay, here you are.
a. Borrowing
b. Borrows
c. Borrow
d. Borrowed

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Swimming English course Badminton Dancing Singing Travelling

Hendri has badminton schedule on …
a. Thursday
b. Saturday
c. Monday
d. Wednesday

16. Andini : Excuse me, where is the library? … you show me, please?
Rita : Oh,it’s over there, near the office.
Andini : Thank you!
Rita : You are welcome.
a. Can
b. Yes
c. No
d. Help

17. Santi will sweep the floor because it is …
a. Tidy
b. Beautiful
c. Clean
d. Dirty

18. Ihsan : Can you make a kite?
Rino : Yes, I can.
Ihsan : What will we … ?
Rino : Scissors, knife, paper, string, etc.
a. Play
b. Cut
c. Prepare
d. Sell

19. Aisha : When will we go camping?
Alika : We will go camping …
a. Yesterday
b. Last week
c. Next holiday
d. Last day


There are three signs. The signs mean …
a. Do not enter, do not parking, turn right
b. Do not enter, do not parking, turn left
c. Do not stop, parking here, turn left
d. Do not stop, do not parking, turn right

21. Fani : Do you know how to make a cup of tea?
Rissa : First, add sugar and tea into the cup. Second, pour the boil water into the cup and stir it.
Fani : What is next?
Rissa : Finally, a cup of tea is ready to …
a. Eat
b. Drink
c. Take
d. Make

22. Baston : Oh, it is very hot day. Please, … the fan!
Ani : Okay.
a. Switch on
b. Switch off
c. Open
d. Close

23. Anisa – and – Sinta – play – will – doll
a. Anisa and Sinta will play doll
b. Anisa and Sinta play doll will
c. Anisa and Sinta play will doll
d. Anisa and Sinta doll will play

Kunci Jawaban:

1. D
2. A
3. D
4. B
5. C
6. B
7. A
8. D
9. D
10. D
11. D
12. D
13. B
14. C
15. D
16. A
17. D
18. C
19. C
20. A
21. B
22. A
23. A

Demikianlah latihan UN Bahasa Inggris SD. Semoga dapat membantu teman – teman semua dalam mempersiapkan diri dalam menghadapai Ujian Nasional. Semoga berhasil!

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