6 Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Bahasa Inggris

6 Contoh Pembukaan Pidato Bahasa Inggris – Di bawah ini, terdapat enam jenis pembukaan pidato untuk situasi yang berbeda. Semoga bermanfaat.

1. Good morning the honorable school principal, the honorable teachers, and all my lovely friends. First of all, thanks to Almighty God for His blessing and grace so we can gather here healthy. Today, allow me to deliver a speech about the education in Indonesia (judul pidato anda).

2. The honorable principal of SMA 1 Mangunrejo, all the teachers and all of my beloved friends.
Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.
Thank to Allah SWT for the blessing and guidance for us, so we can be here in the bright day. And I also want to deliver your prayer and greetings to our prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW, who has brought us from dark-age to the bright-age now, so we are always on the right path until the end of this world.

3. The honorable school principal and all the teacher of SMP Negeri 1 Kelirejo and all my beloved students in this school.
Good morning and best wishes.
First, let us extend our praise and thank to the Almighty God for health and this sunny day, so we can gather in this place. I also thanks for the occasion given to me to deliver my speech about the importance of the healthy environment.


4. Good morning/afternoon for all the audience.
Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb. and Best Wishes for us.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Today, we are gathered together here to celebrate the 30th years anniversary of our company. 30 years ago, this company built in the small area. With no less than 10 employee my grandfather with 2 of his friends built this company. They need 20 years to make this company as big as now. Their hard work and the behave of not giving up in the bad situation make this company stand in a super hard foundation.
In the 30th years anniversary of this company, I want to speak about what needed to be an entrepreneur. I want to give the spirit to the young generation to be brave to be an entrepreneur.

5. Good morning all the audiences.
First let’s us express our thank to God for the health and life given to us, so we can gather here. My name is Mr. Andi Arahmad. I am the owner of this company and I also want to welcome all the our friends who will be trained for 3 months. You can call me Mr. Andi. I was graduated from Palangkaraya University in 1990. I build this company with 3 of my friends. I had ever gone to America for studying Business and Management. I will not make my employee work for me if they were not like it. Here you can learn how to manage and build a business.
Today I want to welcome you and explain what you will do in your training day for 3 months.

6. First of all I want to thank to God for His blessing and health given to us.
Good morning all the audiences.
Before I deliver my speech I want to share something about a healthy life. In Indonesia we know this words “kebersihan sebagian dari iman”. But what I see does not reflect it all. We can see the plastic, snack’s package is every where. It was not good view, trash can be our problem in the future. For example, it can hamper the water ways and let the waters come in our home. The bad smell brings bacteria which is not good for our health.
Today I want to speak about the importance of keep our environment clean.

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