6 Contoh Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

6 Contoh Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Terbaru – Sobat, kalian pasti sudah pernah merasakan cinta bukan? Yup, dengan cinta semua hal di dunia ini teraa indah. Apakah kalian pernah mempersembahkan sebuah puisi cinta bagi orang yang kalian sayangi, seperti ibu, ayah, adik, guru, atau pun kekasih kalian? Pernahkah kalian mempersembahan puisi tersebut dalam Bahasa Inggris? Berikut adalah beberapa contoh puisi cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris.

Puisi 1

The Note of The Heart

There is something that feels empty
When the ceiling is aging
Something that feels different
When the rain showers suspended between mega

Alone and lonely, I wanted to run
Discover the dream that never pulled
Or should I just stand here
Spell temple rainbow moribund

At the end of the day
When dusk passed and gone
When this heart stops singing
I want you back
Here, once again!

Puisi 2

The Love Conqueror

I interpret this difficult taste
Though clearly visible in my eyes.
My mind says “yes”
But my heart says “no”

When all clearly illustrated in front of me
You scatter thousands of beautiful words
For her.. her .. and her..

Maybe I was a victim of love
That is not easy to erase all memory about you

You really conqueror of my heart
I admit defeat
For all that you give
Flowers, gifts, poems
All beautifully strung me

You’re the conqueror of my heart
I swayed and injured

Puisi 3

The Real Love

You exist to bring new colors
You healed my wounds of the past
You are able to change my life
Much better than before

You are the modest man who is able to provide exceptional love
A love that could not be disclosed by the words
You hear what is not said
You understand what is not explained

Thank you, love
For all that you gave
Sincere love and also teaches me about various things
You have taught me what is appreciated, accepted, grateful, sincere and independent
Now I am able to stand by myself calmly to face all the personal problems
And now I have understood what it is to live and true love

Wishing every dream will be real
Live happily together forever
Hopefully the taste of us will never fade by the time [sc:ads]

Puisi 4

A Full Moon with An Endless Story

I told him again about the full moon
One day
Ever imagined pangs see a full smile and headed in the opposite direction
Beginnings of months of Dzulhijah
A full moon will soon be gone
And the black box that floats will abject life
Until he disappeared without a definite direction
There is no end of the story

‘Thanks’ that I said for the umpteenth time
Over the devotion accompany decorate dream
Until I woke back and realized
That many favors of our Lord be thankful for

I remind you, keep the secret that is ever whispered at the night
Lovely evening that your light so perfect
Our story will never end
Because the moon will always be there at any given time

Puisi 5

My Star

Are you satisfied for making me sad
Here I weep for you
When you give me that beautiful words

Where are you now?
My cheeks are now wetted by weeping
While calling your name “Star”

Here I am faithfully waiting.
But now, it is different from the day to day
Now you’re not with me anymore
May you remain faithful to remember

Now, in my days are just the shadows of you
Now in my every prayer is not spared by mentioning the name of you
Now in every my night light is just hoisted who accompanies me
Goodbye, my star

Puisi 6

My Lonely and Your Temporal Love

Do you asked for sincerity
Or whatever you call it for understanding the meaning of love
Because the heart has sold for you

If the sincere hope that you are parting
if sincere you mean departure
if the meaning of love is the desire to hurt each other
I regret wholeheartedly love

Just sell your love and hearts carelessly!

O love
I’m angry at your little willing
I was disappointed for your perfume and your bold lipstick
I think the heart can not be bought,
I thought love will be one forever

Traitorously seize conscience!

O the liar of love!
Please go and do not you take it to recall all my love!

O the liar of love!
Please get out and bring all thought of love with you!

Let me alone to understand your temporal love,
Yes, alone..

Demikianlah beberapa contoh puisi cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga beberapa contoh puisi di atas dapat membuat hati setiap orang yang mendengarnya menjadi gembira dan menambah rasa kasih sayang di antara kalian. Terima kasih.


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