Naskah Drama Pinokio dalam Bahasa Inggris

Naskah Drama Pinokio dalam Bahasa Inggris – Pinokio merupakan sebuah cerita yang terkenal, ikuti kisahnya melalui drama berikut.


Mr. Geppetto : Old man who work as a woodworker.

Pinokio : The son of Mr. Gepeto. He was a wooden doll.

Fairy : The godmother fairy that help Pinokio to be a human.

Giovani : The owner of a puppet show.

Carlo : The Pinocchio’s classmate.

Once upon a time, in a small village lived an old carpenter named Mr. Geppetto. He was a carpenter who really wanted a child to accopanied him in his life. Finnaly, he could make a live puppet from a strange wood given by his friend.

Geppetto : I will make you my son. I am so happy that I can have a son now.

Pinocchio : ouch . . . It’s really hurt. Do it slowly old man.

Geppetto : I’m your father, I’m making you now. Be polite to your father.

Pinocchio : I’m sorry.

Geppetto : I’m finish now. I will call you Pinocchio. I hope you can be a good boy.

Mr. Geppetto fells so happy that he can have a son. He teach Pinocchio to walk, speak, and all the human do in their live. When Pinocchio see the other kids go to school, he ask Mr. Geppetto to make him going to school.

Pinocchio : Father, I want to go to school.

Geppetto : I believe it is the best for you, but I don’t have enough money to make you learn in the school.

Pinocchio : But, I really want to study. I will learn how to write, how to count, and how to read to help you in your old age.

Geppetto : I know son. Wait here, I will go out for a moment.

Mr. Geppeto go out with his coat, but when he comes back Geppetto does not bring his coat.

Geppetto : You will go to the school son. This is your book.

Pinocchio : yes. . .but father, where is your coat?

Geppetto : I sold it, it makes me too warm.

Pinocchio : You do it for me father. Thank you. (Hug and kiss his father)

The next day, Pinocchio goes to school. In the way to school, he sees a puppet show and want to get inside to watch the show. Because he has no money, he sells his book to buy the ticket.

Giovani : What is your name boy?

Pinocchio : Pinocchio. My name is Pinocchio.

Giovani : Come with me, Let’s go to the stage.

Suddenly, Giovani make him as the show. Pinocchio is happy with the show. When the show ends, Giovani sit and cook meat. He wants to make Pinocchio as the firewood.

Giovani : Come here, Pinocchio. I need a good firewood to cook my meat.

Pinocchio : Help me, father. I don’t want to die

Giovani : you have a father?

Pinocchio : yes, but I don’t know who is my mother.

Giovani : I will look so bad if I kill you. Here is some coins for you and a coat for your father. Tell him I’m sorry.

Pinocchio : Thank you very much.

Giovani : Go now, or I will change my mind. Now I have to eat half cook meat.

Pinocchio runs away from the camp where the puppet show located. On the way home, Pinocchio sees a fox and a cat. They trick Pinocchio to bury his coins in order to get more money. When Pinocchio buries his coins, suddenly a trap hangs Pinocchio in the tree and the fox and the cat take his money.

Pinocchio cries. A fairy hears him and help him.


Fairy : What are you doing there? Are you tricked by the fox bandit?

Pinocchio : No, I just lost them from my pocket.

Fairy : You tell a lie. I know it because your nose will stretch as you lie.

Pinocchio : I’m sorry.

Fairy : Don’t tell a lie. Be honest young boy.

Pinocchio tells the truth and the fairy help him to go home. Pinocchio tells Mr. Geppetto the stories and his father forgive him. Pinocchio promises that he will go to school and study well tomorrow. In the next day, Pinocchio meets his friend Carlo.

Carlo : Hei Pinocchio, I hear that there is a toyland. We can paly all day there.

Pinocchio : Do such a place really exist?

Carlo : Yes, a wagon will bring me there this evening. Would you like to go with me?

Pinocchio : Of course. I will go with you.

In the evening, Carlo and Pinocchio go to the toyland.

Pinocchio : This is really exist.

Carlo : I was right, wasn’t I?

Pinocchio : Yes Carlo, Thank to you. I’m very happy here.

Pinocchio plays in the toyland till the next day. When he awakes, he surprised to see that he has tail and all of his body changes into a donkey. The owner of the toyland sell Carlo to a farmer and Pinocchio is sold to a show owner to learn every trick. Unfortunately, Pinocchio can’t learn the tricks and his owner decide to throw him into the sea. In the depth of the sea.

Pinocchio : What I have done, I broke my promise and now I will die. I’m sorry father.

Suddenly, Pinocchio swallowed by a whale. When he wakes in the womb of the whale he heard a voice.

Geppetto : Help. . . Help . . . Is there anybody can help me?

Pinocchio : Father . .is that you father? (Scream)

Geppetto : Is that you Pinocchio? is it you my son? I have searched you anywhere in the island and I can’t find you. Then I make a boat to search you in the sea and this whale swallow me and broke the boat.

Pinocchio : I’m sorry father, I broke my promise and make you in danger.

Geppetto : Well. I think we should get out of this whale right now.

They make a torch and burn the whale stomach. It make the whale in pain so they can run from the whale.

Pinocchio : We are out now father. Let’s go to the shore.

Geppetto : I can move son, I’m too tired.

Pinocchio : Hold me father. I will bring you home.

Pinocchio uses all his life to bring Mr. Geppetto to the shore and bring him to their home. When Mr. Geppetto and Pinocchio sleep, the fairy come to Pinocchio dream. In his dream, the fairy changes Pinocchio to the human. In the next morning, Pinocchio runs to the mirror.

Pinocchio : I’m a real human. The dream is true.

The fairy comes.

Fairy : When a bad boy can be a good boy. Their looks can change too.

Geppetto : Thank you fairy.

Pinocchio : Thank you fairy. I will try to be a good boy.

Fairy : I hope so.

Then, that is Pinocchio changes into a real boy and life with his father.