40 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1

40 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1 – Dengan adanya 40 soal berikut, diharapkan nantinya kemampuan bahasa Inggris kalian akan semakin meningkat. Selamat mengerjakan.

I. Choose The Correct Answer by Crossing (X) a, b, c, or d!

Text for question 1 – 5.

My name is Budi Brilian. I live at Jl. Bunga No. 03, Semarang. I have 1 older brother and a younger sister. I am a student in SDN 1 Semarang. I am in fourth grade now. I like to play football with my friend in the evening. My favorite color is blue.

1. What is the text about?

a. Budi’s family c. Budi’ personal
b. Budi’s hoby d. Budi and family

2. Where is Budi’s house?

a. Jl. Bunga No. 03 c. Fourth grade
b. SDN 1 Semarang d. Jakarta

3. Does Budi has a sister?

a. Yes, he does c. Yes, he has
b. No, he does not d. No, he is not

4. Where is Budi’ School?

a. Semarang c. SDN 03 Semarang
b. SDN 1 Semarang d. Jl. Bunga No. 03

5. What is Budi’s hobby?

a. blue c. playing games
b. fishing d. playing football

6. This is my aunt. . . . . is a doctor.

a. she c. we
b. he d. they

7. This is my friend. . . . . name is Anto.

a. she c. his
b. her d. he

8. My family and I will move to Jakarta. . . . . will go next week.

a. they c. our
b. we d. us

9. My mother give me a present. . . . . is a pair of new shoes.

a. it c. he
b. she d. we

10. Erta : Hi Anggi. How are you today?
Anggi : Hai Erta. . . . . .

a. good morning c. see you
b. Thank you d. I’m fine

11. I have two . . .

a. apple c. mango
b. apples d. orange

12. Jiny, Godin and Merik will go to England. . . . . go there by plane.

a. we c. them
b. he d. they

13. Goja, Kira, and I will go to school. . . . .go there on foot.

a. we c. us
b. he d. them

14. Dada, lengan, siku. In English are . . .

a. chest, hand, knee c. chest, arm, elbow
b. chest, hand, elbow d. shoulder, arm, knee

15. Hidung, bahu, jari kaki. In English are . . .

a. nose, chest, toe c. nose, shoulder, toe
b. nose, shoulder, finger d. nose, back, toe

16. Sira : Deren. . . . . ?
Deren : sure. what I can do for you Sira?

a. How are you? c. What are you doing?
b. Can you help me? d. Where are you?

17. Fera : Hi Tera. Can you help me to bring this box?
Tera : . . . . . . . . Give me the box.

a. I’m sorry, I can’t help you c. I’m fine.
b. yes, no problem. b. thank you

18. This is Anggi. She is a . . . .student in my class. (rajin)

a. clever c. beautiful
b. smart d. diligent


19. Anggi is my friend. She has a . . . hair. (indah)

a. beautiful c. long
b. white d. clean

20. They . . . playing football now.

a. is c. are
b. am d. were

21. Joko has two younger. . . and an older brother.

a. sister c. brother
b. sisters d. friend

22. I want to buy . . . pen. (sebuah)

a. the c. it’s
b. an d. a

23. My father give me . . . apple. (sebuah)

a. the c. it’s
b. an d. a

24. Sri : Hi Doni. . . . . . ?
Doni : Hi Sri. I’m reading my book now.

a. Where are you? c. What are you doing?
b. What is this? d. How are you?

25. Dini : Hi Sinta. . . . . . ?
Sinta : This is Yuni. She is my cousin from Lembang.

a. Who is that? c. What are you doing?
b. Where are you going? d. How are you?

II. Translate the sentences below!

26. Itu adalah sebuah payung.
27. Ini adalah kakak perempuanku.
28. Dimana kamu tinggal?
29. Siapa nama mu?
30. Saya membawa pensil dan pena.
31. Dia (perempuan) adalah seorang siswa yang pandai.
32. Mereka adalah temanku.
33. Kami akan pergi ke sekolah.
34. Saya mempunyai dua ekor kelinci.
35. Bisakah kamu membantu saya?

III. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer on the right side!

36. I want to buy a book, . . . I dont have money. – a. pens
37. I am playing footbal . . . I like it. – b. my
38. I bring 3 . . . . (pena) – c. expensive
39. I am a new student. . . . .name is Jericho. – d. but
40. Berio is an . . . . .car. (mahal) – e. because

Answer Key

1.C 11.B 21.B
2.A 12.D 22.D
3.A 13.A 23.B
4.B 14.C 24.C
5.D 15.C 25.A
6.C 16.B
7.B 17.D
8.A 18.A
9.A 19.A
10.D 20.C

26. That is an umbrella.
27. This is my sister (older sister).
28. Where do you live?
29. What is your name?
30. I bring pencil and pen.
31. She is a clever student.
32. They are my friends.
33. We will go to school.
34. I have two rabbits.
35. Can you help me?
36. d
37. e
38. a
39. b
40. c

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